You should never feel down because of your smile. However, if your smile makes you sad, it is time to fix it with cosmetic dental bonding. The procedure usually involves bonding a resin material the shape of your tooth to it to create a more appealing look. Teeth bonding are necessary for fixing damaged teeth, misaligned teeth or to close the gap between two teeth; tooth bonding is an easier way to get new smiles without feeling ashamed of what your teeth look like.

In this article, we will try to discuss as much as possible the basis of dental bonding including what you must know before going for one.


What is dental bonding?

As the name suggests, it is a way of attaching another material to the tooth to restore it to its original state or enhance it. This process is swift and works well with all candidates, but patients that have undergone dental bonding should always go for regular checks to prevent eventuality. However, most teeth bonds hardly fall off, so you don’t have to worry, but it can be chipped, broken off or look unattractive due to improper care. The process usually takes within an hour and is completed the same day you booked the appointment to see the dentist.


What is the procedure for dental bonding?

This is one of the easiest cosmetic bonding procedures in the surgical world.

  • The dentist uses a sheet tooth color guide to select the composite resin that is closest in color to your teeth. You can also decide to choose a shade brighter than your original teeth color to add some whiteness to your smile.
  • The Surface and edges of the teeth are roughened up. This process creates friction that allows the bonding process to take effect immediately and stay on for as long as you have it.
  • The chosen colored resin, is applied, molded and shaped as the size of the teeth it is on.
  • A UV light is passed over the teeth with bonding on them to harden it. This is like a drying process
  • The teeth are polished, trimmed and cleaned to have an equal appearance with the rest of the teeth in your mouth
  • Step6. You are good to go home as most cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding procedure don’t require any anesthesia. So go enjoy your new teeth and smile.


The Advantages of Tooth Bonding

  • The cost of getting a cosmetic bonding will not exceed 500 to 600 dollars per tooth. However, if you are insured, it is best to check what kind of dental procedure is covered else you might end up paying from your pocket.
  • The duration is another advantage of dental bonding. Imagine you have a red carpet event in the evening; all you need to get a smashing smile is to walk into a dentist office in the morning, get the procedure done and appear on the red carpet with a camera-ready smile. Most dental bonding whether cosmetic or otherwise done take more than an hour maximum.
  • The simplicity of the procedure: when compared to crowning, tooth filling and veneers : dental bonding is a very easy procedure that requires less enamel removal. In fact, it is built around your original size and shape, only better looking.
  • The material used in dental bonding is scratch and stain resistant making such your teeth looks flawless with each smile.


The disadvantages of Dental Bonding

They stain with time: although bonding materials are stain resistant, they will eventually get stained especially for people that are used to colored drinks like coffee, soda or juices

They are not durable: dental bonding is strong, but when compared with other forms of teeth procedures, they are very delicate and fragile causing them to break or chip away when in contact with hard objects or foodstuff.


How long can my dental bonding last?

Well, they do last longer when treated with care and love, but it is best to know that dental bonding is not strong so it is best to avoid certain habits that will cause any damage to them. Habits like opening a beverage bottle top with your teeth, tearing the wrap off packages, cracking on bones or using your teeth as an instrument should be avoided at all cost.


How to maintain dental bonding after the procedure?

They are just like your regular teeth only more delicate and as such regular oral hygiene process should continue to remove food stains from the surface and keep them healthy looking always. Some other tips are:

Reduce or stop any liquid consumption that will discolor your dental bonding

If you are a smoker, cut down and gradually quit to extend the shelf life of your bonded teeth

Chewing on hard materials is prohibited even on foods like carrot, ice cubes or even your nails.


What is dental bonding best for?

The reason for any cosmetic procedure is to fix a problem with your look. However, dental bonding is best as temporary correction procedures for your teeth. If you intend to use them for long; then just follow the care tips stated above.


Precaution tips before going for dental bonding

When you decide to go for any kind of surgery concerning your teeth, you have to ensure that your doctor is qualified and certified to perform the procedure.

You should speak to your dentist first, if they also perform such procedures, then it should be easy as they know you better than other doctors out there. However, should you decide to look for an oral surgeon on your own, just remember the following tips during a visit?

  • How long he or she has been in the practice
  • Is he commendable?
  • What are his success stories?

Furthermore, you should also discuss all your fears and doubts when you go for first your first consultation.

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