Dentures are an adopted device that replaces missing teeth. Just like your normal teeth, they also depend on the normal gum of the oral cavity while some dentures need the support of other teeth. Most of these dentures are for temporary sake.

You need to understand that dentures are not a perfect replacement for teeth. They don’t serve the complete function as teeth. So, maintaining your usual way of eating comes with precaution. With prior tooth replacement, you may wonder how to maintain your normal way of eating without suffering hardship when chewing. This article means to guide you through what you should avoid with your dentures and what can be done to assist your dentures.

Food To Avoid

  1.    Tea and coffee: Moderate consumption may not have an effect on your dentures, but the same stain it leaves on your natural teeth stains your dentures. Since your dentures do not measure up to your natural teeth, excessive drinking of these beverages may have detrimental effects on your dentures. They cause oral dehydration and a dry cavity and are bad for your dentures.
  2.    Popcorn: Another food you need to avoid is popcorn. You need to understand that popcorn even on natural teeth has lasting impact on your teeth. Popcorn’s hard outer shell with sharp edges is tough on your dentures. They are also difficult to remove as they stick beneath dentures, making way for pain dental cavities.
  3.    Sticky candy: This is another bad bite for your dentures. Generally, even if you are using your natural teeth, dentists would never advise you to eat candies that are sticky because sticky foods have a high tendency of dislodging your denture. So, to enjoy your denture and avoid any form of pain, you should give up on sticky candy.
  4.    Nuts: Nuts is another food you must abstain from during tooth replacement. A nut is totally different from the effects of other foods because it destabilizes the dentures. Believe me, unstable dentures is the last thing you ever want. Whenever you eat a nut as food with a denture, there are always some remnants left in between your partials. These remnants are capable of making your dentures unstable by weakening the bond between your denture and the gum or weakening the bond between your denture and your natural tooth.
  5.    Crackers and seeded bread: Poppy seeds are best known for their nutty flavor, but this is not enough reason for you to indulge in eating seeded bread with a denture. Imagine one of the seeds sticking in between your denture. It does not only cause pain, but it also dislodges and makes dentures unstable.
  6.    Raw fruits: fruits alongside vegetables are one of the most suitable foods for better health. But hard fruits such as apple, guava, coconut etc. should be avoided to protect your dentures. Such fruits often require more biting and chewing pressure that destabilize your denture.
  7.    Nut butter: we have made it clear that food that sticks to the teeth are difficult to remove and peanut butter is no different. Although you can eat nut butter with natural teeth, it proves  difficult with dentures.

Things To Avoid Other Than Food And Drinks

  1.    Avoid letting your dentures dry out and never wash them with hot water. In case you are not wearing them, soak them inside water or denture cleanser.
  2.    Do not skip the daily brushing of your denture. This is because brushing them helps remove food plaque and prevents them from staining.
  3.    Report to your dentist if you observe anything strange. For denture in Houston, Edge Dental Houston comes highly recommended.

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