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Edge Dental is a high-tech and modern state-of-the-art dental clinic in Houston, Texas, specializing in general and cosmetic dental treatments. Our dental clinic also provides emergency dental care and emergency dentistry services. You can contact our emergency dentist, Justin Lai DDS, if you have an emergency dental situation that requires immediate attention. If you are looking for a same-day emergency dentist near me, Edge Dental has extended hours to accommodate any schedule! So don’t wait, and call us today.

Please continue reading if you need more information on what emergency dental care entails and when you should contact an emergency dentist near me.


Situations that Require Emergency Dental Care

Severe & Persistent Toothaches: Gentle toothaches may be a sign that you have some food stuck between your teeth. You can try flossing and rinse your mouth with some warm water. However, if you have a persistent or severe toothache, you need emergency dental care.

Knocked-Out Tooth: If your tooth has been knocked out, you need to consult a 24 Houremergency dentist near me immediately. Knocked-out teeth can generally be reattached within an hour. You must hold the tooth by the crown, rinse it with warm water, and put the tooth in a small airtight container with salt water or milk.

Broken Tooth: If your tooth is broken or fractured, you should collect the pieces and go to an emergency dentistry clinic immediately. The emergency dentist may restore your tooth, or they may determine you need a tooth extraction if the fracture is below the gum line.

Extruded Tooth: If you have partially dislodged teeth, you should apply a cold compress outside your mouth, take some over-the-counter pain medication, and then go to the emergency dental clinic.

Dental Abscess: If you have a dental abscess, i.e., an infection around your tooth’s root or gums, you must consult an emergency dentistry clinic immediately. Dental abscesses need immediate attention to prevent the infection from spreading.

Bleeding Gums: If your gums or other soft tissues are bleeding, you should rinse your mouth with saltwater and then apply a moist tea bag to the wound. Following that, schedule an emergency dentistry appointment today.

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Emergency Dental Services

At Edge Dental, your health is our priority. Whether you are experiencing dental pain, lost your tooth, cracked your tooth, or have bleeding gums, our highly skilled team will get you out of pain as fast as possible.

Edge Dental provides a full range of emergency dental services to those in need of urgent dental care in the Memorial City, Houston area. Our urgent dental services include:

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Get out of dental pain as quickly as possible.

Your health is our priority, which is why we offer same-day emergency dental appointments. Let our highly skilled team take care of your urgent dental needs.


Emergency Dental Care Q&A

You should only consult an emergency dentist in a situation that necessitates immediate emergency dental care. You should contact an emergency dentist if you have a chipped or broken tooth, bleeding gums, severe toothache, abscessed tooth, or other such severe emergencies. You shouldn’t consult an emergency dental care clinic if you have a lost crown or filling, lost veneers, issues with your braces, mild toothache, or anything that can wait for regular dental clinic hours.

Facial swelling can occur for various reasons, either mild or severe. If you have a swollen face, please contact your emergency dentist and give them an overview of your symptoms. The dentist will determine if you need emergency dental care. In the meantime, you can follow these tips to manage face swelling:

  • Wash your face with cool water.
  • Don’t consume salty or processed foods.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Apply a cold compress on your cheeks.

If your tooth has been knocked out, you must consult an emergency dentist immediately. Knocked-out teeth can usually be replanted if the tooth is intact, and you seek emergency dental care within an hour. If your missing tooth isn’t replanted promptly, you’ll have to opt for tooth replacements options, like dental crowns, dental bridges, or dental implants.

People often suffer from toothaches. As long as the pain isn’t severe, the toothache may automatically subside within a day or two. Toothaches are often caused by small food particles stuck between your teeth, and you can remove them using dental floss. However, if you suffer from persistent and severe toothache, you may have a cavity, abscessed tooth, or even gum disease, which would necessitate emergency dental services.

If you’re a new patient, you should consult your emergency dental care clinic if you have a dental emergency. The front desk or receptionist will get you in touch with the emergency dentist, and you can schedule an appointment immediately.

If your tooth is knocked out, you should do the following immediately:

  • Pick up the broken tooth by the crown.
  • Rinse the tooth with water.
  • Place the tooth in the socket or hold it against the inside of your cheeks.
  • Make sure the tooth is moist at all times.
  • Consult an emergency dentist and have someone drive you to the emergency dental care clinic immediately.

Whether a broken tooth needs to be extracted depends on the extent of dental fracture. If the fracture stays above the gum line, the emergency dentist can fix it using a root canal or a dental crown. However, if the dental fracture extends under the gum line, the emergency dentist will have to perform an emergency tooth extraction.

If you have a slightly chipped tooth, you have a higher risk of bacterial decay or cavities, which is why you should consult a dentist. However, a slightly chipped tooth isn’t a dental emergency.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to restore broken teeth using procedures like dental crowns, dental filling, or bonding. However, if the dental fracture extends below the gum line, you’ll need emergency oral surgery for tooth extraction.

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Edge Dental is one of the most reputable clinics for emergency dental services in Houston, Texas. If you need emergency dental care, please consult an emergency dental care clinic today.

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