Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening Houston, TX

Are you searching for teeth whitening near me or zoom teeth whitening near me? Teeth Whitening at Edge Dental is one of the top cosmetic procedures that patients request. Instead being unhappy with your current smile, get the bright, white, confident smile that you’ve always wanted.

When you come in and see us at Edge Dental, we will take a peek at what is going on with your teeth and figure out the best way to remove your surface stains, giving you the whiter smile you were looking for.

Common Causes of Tooth Stains

Stained teeth can happen to anyone, even those who brush and floss religiously. Stains often come from outside factors. Here are the most common causes of stains. How many of them do you think are affecting your smile?
• Eating foods that stain your teeth on a regular basis, such as curries and beets
• Drinking beverages that are known to stain teeth, such as tea, wine, and coffee
• The use of tobacco products can heavily stain the teeth, whether it is smoking or using chewing tobacco
• Some medications have been known to stain the teeth, especially antihistamines and high blood pressure medications
• Getting older decreases how much white enamel we have covering our teeth, allowing more of the yellow dentin to show through, making our teeth appear yellow
• An injury that directly impacted the tooth could be the cause of darker teeth, because part of how the body reacts to the injury is introducing more dentin, which shows beneath the enamel

Options to Whiten Your Teeth

When you want to get that brighter and whiter smile, the best thing to do is come to us here at Edge Dental. Dr. Justin Lai will look at your teeth and determine what the best course of action is to give you the white smile you are looking for. Not all teeth respond the same to whitening efforts, so it is important that you speak with him before making the choice to whiten your teeth.

There are many different options for whitening your teeth over the counter. However, none of them are going to be as effective as what we can offer in-office. Our process is safer and more controlled, allowing us to give you a very accurate idea of what to expect when the procedure is complete. Instead of possibly getting some whitening or possibly not with an over the counter product, come in and get a result you can depend on.

Side Effects of Zoom Tooth Whitening

Sometimes when you whiten your teeth, they may become sensitive for a short time following the procedure. This is common, and will fade in a short time. If you struggle with tooth sensitivity anyway, then you need to make sure you speak with Dr. Justin Lai before the whitening procedure, as it may not be the best option for you.

To find out what we can do in terms of helping you get the white smile that you have been longing for, give us a call at (281) 940-8940. We are here to help you get the type of smile that makes you confident to show it off to the world!


Teeth Whitening Near Me

Are you searching for a tooth whitening Houston dentist or zoom teeth whitening near me? At Edge Dental, we offer teeth whitening services for you! Come into our dental clinic and speak with Dr. Lai about your teeth whitening options. Take the first steps in achieving your dream smile! Call us today or book your dental appointment online now.