Perfectly aligned, milky white teeth are essential for enjoying  a charming and beautiful smile. At the same time, having stained or crooked or stained can seriously affect your good looks and smile, and negatively affect your personality as well. If you’re having the same problem, then we have the perfect solution for you. At Edge Dental, we use cosmetic bonding to give you a naturally beautiful and attractive smile.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin is used  to hide cosmetic defects of your teeth.. Unlike the veneers, which are fabricated in a dental laboratory and then attached to your teeth, cosmetic bonding is done by attaching the filling material bonded to the tooth. This is why, this procedure is called bonding.

Who Can Benefit from Cosmetic Bonding?

At Edge Dental, we recommend cosmetic bonding for the correction of any of the following problems:

  • Broken or Chipped Teeth – if you have a broken or chipped tooth, especially a front tooth, you can benefit from cosmetic bonding to get a new smile. Sometimes, patients may benefit more from indirect restorations like porcelain veneers or crowns than directly bonded restorations.
  • Teeth Stains – bonding is also an excellent option for teeth stains which are not removable by conventional whitening procedures. We use bonding for hiding these stains caused due to excessive intake of coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine, to give a new smile.
  • Teeth Cavities – one of the best options for restoring teeth cavities is with bonding, which not only restores the natural esthetics of your teeth, but also restore your chewing capability. Composites have become one of the most commonly used materials for restoring damaged teeth.
  • Excessive Teeth Gaps – the ideal treatment option for fixing teeth gaps is orthodontic treatment with braces. However, for patients who cannot afford this treatment, or those who cannot wait for one year to get the results, bonding can be used for cosmetically restoring these gaps.
  • Replacement of Amalgam Fillings – bonding is an excellent alternative to amalgam fillings. silver amalgam based fillings are not only unsafe for your health, but they also affect your smile because of their metallic appearance. Therefore, we recommend that you should get your amalgam fillings replaced with composite bonded fillings.
  • Complete Smile Makeover – for people who want to overhaul their smile, bonding is the prime candidate for restoring the shape, size and color of their teeth.


Who Cannot Get Bonded Restorations?

Bonded resin restorations are not for individuals who have a habit of excessively grinding their teeth. This is because teeth grinding results in damage to the tooth enamel layer of the tooth, causing the tooth to gradually become weaker. Small pieces of the affected tooth start to chip off. Ultimately, the tooth structure becomes so weak that fractures.

How is Cosmetic Bonding Performed?

Cosmetic bonding is quite easy and simple. The following steps are involved:

  • Clinical Observation – Before the procedure, we will first examine the damaged tooth and assess whether you are a suitable candidate for getting a tooth-colored composite resin restoration.
  • Removing the Damaged Tooth Structure – next, our dentist will remove the damaged tooth structure by using a drill. afterward, we will clean the tooth and apply a mild etchant. The etchant will create small pores over the surface of the tooth to allow for the adherence of the bonding material to the enamel. The etchant will be washed away after 30 seconds, followed by drying.
  • Placement of the Bonding Material – We will then apply bonding material to your teeth that exactly match the shade and color of your teeth. Finally, the bonding resin will then be polymerized with a LED light.
  • Finishing and Polishing – Once the bonding has been placed, it will be polished to give maximum luster and a smooth finish.

Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete the restoration of a single tooth with composite resin bonding. For restoring multiple teeth, we may have to schedule multiple appointments.

Taking Care of Cosmetic Bonded Restorations

Although resin-based filling materials are excellent at restoring your smile, you need to take good care of the restored teeth if you want the fillings to last for a long time. Here are a few tips which can help you prolong the life of the restorations:

  • Avoid Staining Food Products – beverages like coffee and tea, and food items like berries, grapes and pomegranates tend to stain the natural as well as the resin-based restorations. Therefore, you should avoid their intake.
  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – Brushing your teeth regularly can also help in preventing staining, and chances of development of secondary teeth cavities.
  • Foods to Avoid – you should avoid biting hard foods directly from the restored teeth, as they can abrade the surface of the restoration, which can lead to further staining.
  • Visit Us Regularly – at each checkup visit, we will assess the quality of your cosmetic bonded restorations. If required, we will repair or replace the filling.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Bonding?

The average cost of teeth bonding of a single tooth generally varies between $300-600. However, the actual cost will depend upon the location of the tooth and the extent of the damage. You can know more about dental filling.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Bonding?

Generally, tooth bonding is covered by most insurance companies as long as it’s done to restore or save a tooth. However, if done solely for cosmetic purposes, then it may not be covered by insurance. You should check with your dental insurance provider before getting cosmetic bonded fillings.

A Hollywood smile is just one step away from you with cosmetic bonding. All you need to do is to visit us at Edge Dental and let us take care of all your dental problems. Whether you need a complete smile makeover or need braces for your son, we provide all dental services under one roof.


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