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Six Month Smiles


Six Month Smiles®

Do you want to have perfectly aligned, beautiful set of teeth but cannot wait for 1-2 years to get your desired results with conventional braces? Don’t worry, Edge Dental, is excited to offer you “short-term orthodontic treatment” with Six Month Smiles® System! This cosmetic orthodontic treatment is specifically designed for adults and teenagers over 15 years of age, who have crowded, crooked or spaced teeth, but without major bite issues and perfect dental health.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic system in which we use invisible fixed braces to give you a beautiful smile in just six months! This system achieves quick results because it is focused on restoring your facial cosmetics by aligning only your front teeth which are visible when you smile or speak.  Unlike traditional braces which use metallic brackets and wires, this orthodontic system uses clear braces and wires which do not affect your facial esthetics. Most people will not even notice that you’re wearing braces.

Am I Eligible For Six Month Smiles?

You are an eligible candidate for getting Six Month Smiles if you are older than 15 years. Also, you should be free of gum and periodontal diseases and teeth cavities. In case of any underlying dental problems, we will first treat them before starting your treatment.

What are the Benefits of Six Month Smiles?

Not sure why you should choose Six Month Smiles for getting your teeth straightened? Here are a few reasons for you:

  • Comfort and Convenience – The Six Month Smile system uses low forces to gently move teeth more comfortably than traditional braces. Hence, your will feels considerably less pain and discomfort during your treatment. In addition, due to the low forces, there will be no damage to the gums or periodontal tissues during your treatment.
  • Quick Results – with Six Month Smile, you can get perfectly aligned and beautiful teeth in just 6 months. No need to wait for 1-2 years before you can smile again with confidence! This is because, unlike the traditional braces, Six month smiles focus on your front teeth. Therefore, it requires lesser time to straighten your front teeth, rather than the whole dentition.
  • Excellent Aesthetics – The Six Month Smiles® braces are tooth-colored. We also use matching wires that make them almost invisible. Also, the transparent wires used with this system are smaller in size, which makes them inconspicuous. So, no more embarrassment!
  • Fewer Dental Visits – in comparison to the traditional orthodontic treatment with metallic braces, orthodontic treatment with the Six Month Smile system requires fewer dentist visits. Depending on your case, you may need 3-7 adjustment visits during your treatment.
  • Cost-Effective – the Six Month Smiles system is not only effective, but it is also cost-effective in comparison to the traditional metallic braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Why? Because the cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the duration of treatment. Since the Six Month Smiles® System significantly reduces the treatment time, its treatment cost is considerably lesser than traditional braces or ClearCorrect.
  • Improved Oral Health – In comprehensive orthodontic treatment conventional braces, your dentist will attach brackets on your front and back teeth. This makes teeth cleaning difficult, especially in the back teeth, which can lead to gum problems. In the case of Six Month Smiles® System, brackets are only placed on the front teeth. As a result, teeth cleaning is easier and you will have healthier gums and an improved oral health.
  • Almost Everyone is a Candidate – With six months smiles, everyone is eligible! While most orthodontic systems are meant for treatment of teenagers, six months smile offers treatment for adults of almost all ages. There is no age limit to looking beautiful and attractive! Most adults older than 15 years are eligible for treatment.

Six Month Smiles; What is the Procedure?

Before starting your treatment, Dr. Lai will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity, including an evaluation of your study models and x-rays. If you are found to be a suitable candidate for getting treated with this system, Dr. Lai will fix tooth-colored brackets on your teeth, and pass a clear orthodontic wire over them.

Six Month Smiles uses a unique system to attach brackets to the teeth. We will make custom-made trays for you which will allow us to attach the brackets at the exact location where maximum tooth movement and efficiency can be achieved.Like the conventional braces, the wire will be attached to the brackets by using transparent ligatures. However, in case of Six Month Smiles, we will use transparent ligatures which are not visible. Finally, the bonding between the brackets and the teeth will be hardened with the help of a visible LED light.

Within a month, you will start observing a positive change in your tooth alignment and facial esthetics. After about 6-9 months of wearing the braces, when you’re teeth have become perfectly aligned, we will remove the brackets and give you a fixed or removable retainer. Orthodontic retainers are used for preventing your teeth from moving back to their previous position.

Does Six Month Smile work? Of course it does! While there are several treatment options available for the correction of misaligned and crooked teeth, Six Months Smiles is best for you if you want to achieve quick results without inconvenience and discomfort. Visit us today at Edge Dental for discussing the possibility of a beautiful smile with Six Months smiles! We would love to hear from you!