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Dental care is changing for the better. CAD/ CAM (computer assisted design/ computer aided manufacturing) technology helps dentists give patients an increasingly comfortable experience. The convenience of scanners and 3D printers also allows for many same-day dental services. Instead of waiting several days or weeks for veneers, for example, a computer assisted machine can mill the product in the office. The accuracy of 3D scanning results in a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product.  You can now find many modern dentists that offer CAD/ CAM services. 

Client Experience

CAD/ CAM dental scanners do more than make dental care easier, they increase patient’s comfort level. An intraoral scanner is much less invasive than traditional impression-taking techniques. Individuals that are sensitive to dental equipment can better tolerate digital scanning. 

This completely changes dental care for the elderly, children, and special needs patients. There are also times when a dental repair needs to happen quickly. Instead of visiting the dentist two or three times to complete a restoration with a crown or veneer, the client may only need to visit once. This keeps people from missing work or school. 

The Technology

When a dentist brings 3D scanners and CAD/ CAM dental machinery into the office, it is an investment. The dentist uses the dental CAD/ CAM scanner in the exam room. Some models have large batteries, allowing dentists to bring the machine anywhere in the room. A small scanning tool is attached to a mobile screen and touchpad. 

The dentist can accurately scan a patient’s entire mouth with minimal discomfort when a dental clinic CAD/ CAM scanner is available. The dentist moves the scanner through your mouth until the desired images show up on the screen. The newest scanners, such as Prime Scan use calculated wavelengths of blue light to reproduce the images. Smart technology removes intrusive items, such as saliva or the tongue from the image. CAD/ CAM scanners dental provide the most accurate impressions available in modern dentistry. 


Your dental bills may rise due to the new dental lab CAD/ CAM scanner technology. Dentists must purchase the new equipment, get proper training, and spend hours practicing. Pricing is likely to improve as more professionals integrate these scanners into their clinics. Dentists must also spend more time with patients when CAD/ CAM scanners dental become a part of your treatment. They must check images and make adjustments during your appointment. If there is an in-house lab, you may also receive your dental products the same day. This adds to your appointment time and your dentist’s office time. You may avoid a second visit to complete the repair, however. 

The convenience and improved quality is well-worth a price increase, however. Comfortable, well-fitting dentures and crowns, for example, may leave you with more time between dental appointments. There is less of a chance that you may need dental work redone or adjusted, as well. 

Talk to your dentist about the CAD/ CAM scanner availability at your next visit. You can relax, knowing that you can expect comfort during your next set of dental impressions. Your dentist can also provide more time-efficient results should you need restorative treatment. CAD/ CAM technology is sure to enter the entirety of dental offices in the near future.