How to Cure Gum Disease

Gum disease is one disease that affects more people in the society with symptoms ranging from inflammation, bleeding, falling of the tooth/teeth, painful gum, etc. The most common reason that people suffer from gum disease is lack of proper oral hygiene.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease or what is medically termed as gingivitis is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding the teeth. This gum infection treatment is very common, wide spread and obvious for the features that characterize it, such as red swollen gum, soft and easy to bleed, pain during chewing or just touch the gums, etc.

For clarity, gingivitis and periodontitis are both types of gum disease but they are not the same thing and have different properties. Sometimes, a patient can be affected by both simultaneously.

Who Comes In For A Gum Disease Treatment?

At our Gum Disease Houston center, we have seen it all; patients that develop gum disease but have healthy supportive tissues and other with the shaky tooth. However, there are signs of gum disease that shows that indicate you may be suffering from gum disease. They are:

  • Bad breath
  • Shaky tooth
  • Painful gum that bleeds on touching
  • Bleeding during brushing


Factors that contribute to gum disease are:

  • Poor or lack of oral hygiene – brushing or flossing
  • Not visiting the dentist for regular check-ups
  • Excessive smoking
  • Genetics or hereditary
  • A weak immune system in the body
  • Use of drugs or substance abuse
  • Age –the older you are the most susceptible you are to gum disease
  • Stress and mental health
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal changes

If you fall into any of the categories, please see your dentist immediately or risk losing your teeth or suffering more pain.

How To Diagnose Gum Disease?

Dentists and dental professional take the following steps:

  • The gum is measured using a periodontal probe. This equipment measures the pocket depth around the teeth; if the pocket is deeper than 1mm to 3mm, you are at risk of suffering from gum disease.
  • You undergo an X-ray – this will show the underlying bone structure and how healthy they are or if there is any sign of gum disease
  • Check for sensitive teeth around areas where the gum is receding
  • Check for swollen, red and soft gums

Gum Disease Treatment

When you suffer from gum disease, the main objective is to diagnose the type of gum disease and decide on treatment.

Most patients that come into or Gum Disease Houston center undergo the following:

Deep Cleanse: this involves cleaning below the gum line using a special dental instrument. This instrument is used to scrape off tartar of the edges of the gum before the treatment starts.

The deep cleaning helps the dentist to remove all the dead skin or plague responsible for your  gum disease. It also helps the doctor see what he/she is working with. In some cases, the patient may need surgery which involves lifting the gum, rearranging the teeth and bone structure.

Although gum disease has no cure, there are certain medications that will help with the infection.

  • Peridex or chlorhexidine is an antibiotic mouthwash that helps reduce the buildup of infection in the gum.
  • Pellets like PerioChip helps kill bacteria after the scaling deep cleaning process and also reduce the scaling pockets

Your dentist will prescribe the medication accordingly for you.

Homemade Remedy for Gum Disease

  • Using hydrogen peroxide to gargle has been known to kill bacteria that cause gum disease and also help with bad breath.
  • Warm salt water rinse every couple of hours is also a good remedy.
  • Having green tea will reduce inflammation and reduce bacteria build up in the mouth.
  • Using baking soda to brush the teeth neutralizes the acid reducing the risk of gum disease.


Note, it is strongly advisable to visit your doctor when you have gum disease instead of treating yourself.

Can One Prevent Or Reverse Gum Disease?

Yes, you can. When you carry out the proper dental and oral hygiene care required. Gum disease treatment is applied in the early stages of gingivitis. At this stage, the dentist can clean the gum and offer certain tips to assist you to do the same hence reversing the process of becoming a danger to your life.

However for gum disease treatments to remain effective, you must consider making constant visits to your dentist.

There are many dental facilities that offer gum disease treatment across the country but Gum Disease Houston has remained the best and most effective at offer patients the help they need. With highly qualified and up-to-date equipment, Edge Dental Houston is your one-stop for all things dental.

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