The teeth surgical world is changing and Invisalign procedure is the alternative to braces. The procedure is growing in popularity among many patients who prefer it for straightening their teeth issue.

However, you will need to do careful research to have the best Invisalign dentist  provide treatment for you. Having this procedure done in Houston by promising dentists will have you smiling in no time soon.

Most people go for an Invisalign procedure because the braces are translucent and almost invisible to the naked eye, but also easy to maintain and use. With all these excellent features and properties of the Invisalign procedure, patients still worry about the duration it takes before the teeth are straight and for the smile to resemble those of stars on the red carpet.

What Is The Time Frame For Invisalign Take To Straighten My Teeth?

Well, we can’t provide a straightforward answer to the above question as it depends on the treatment the patient comes into our Invisalign Houston facility. The length can be for six months, a year or even more – all on how protruded the teeth are.

Some patients have kept the Invisalign in their mouth for upwards of 2 years and beyond depending on what the doctor prescribed.

Why Does The Timing For Invisalign Different In Patients?

As stated earlier, your emergency dentist advises you on the Invisalign procedure based on your requirements how long it will stay in your mouth. How long you have the invisible braces depends on:

  • How far you want the teeth moved.
  • The distance between the teeth.
  • How fast the teeth move together.
  • The complexity of your situation.
  • How comfortable the patient is wearing the braces on. The longer you have them on, the faster and better the results will be for you.

How Do Invisalign Procedures Work?

The Invisalign is a clear molded plastic that is shaped into your teeth, but also in different sizes that will fit your teeth as they fall into the new positions. At Invisalign Houston, we have treated patients from their early teens to adults, all of which have been successful because we have the best Invisalign dentist in the country.

The regular Invisalign braces are worn for a maximum time of 22 hours if you are to straighten your teeth within the duration given by the dentist. To ensure maximum teeth movement for effective straightening, we advise patients to come in every two weeks to have the Invisalign replaced for the next stage.

Can Invisalign Procedure Close My Gap Tooth?

Yes, the Invisalign procedure can close the gap in your teeth, which depends on the wideness of rift. For a gap of 6mm, it will take 2 years or 24month to close up and for smaller gaps, shorter time.

However, it is best to know that Invisalign procedure does not work for people with multiple gaps. These patients will need several procedures or more explanations by the dentist.

How Long Does The Invisalign Procedure Take For Crowded Teeth?

If the crowding of the teeth is mild, the straightening process will take almost a year to straighten out. However, for more severe crowded teeth, Invisalign procedure might not be the right treatment for you and your doctor will advise accordingly.

At Invisalign Houston, we can look into other possible procedures before performing the Invisalign procedure, but the final choice is yours to consider.

How Will The Procedure Take For An Adult?

Adults take less time because their teeth are stronger and firmly rooted compared to teenagers or children. However, everyone is different and experiences varied durations.

Why We Love Invisalign Procedure?

They are invisible and unless a friend looks closely at your teeth, no one will ever know you have them on.

They fit your teeth ensuring that the teeth become straight at the end of the time frame.

They don’t affect your diet – you can eat whatever you want without compromising on your favorites, unlike the regular braces that prevent you from eating sticky, hard or sugar foods.

  • It is easy to clean – just remove, brush, rinse and replace.
  • With Invisalign, you have lesser chances of having tooth decay or rust lines on your teeth.
  • You don’t need to visit the dentist all the time.
  • They are comfortable, and easy to remove and place on.
  • They won’t damage the enamel of your teeth.
  • They are convenient.

Although Invisalign procedure is popularly sought treatment to straighten your teeth, been attended to by the best Invisalign dentist is a major requirement for the process to be a success.

At Invisalign Houston, we have mastered the art of giving patients exactly what they want after a thorough discussion with one of our specialists.

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