Lanap is an acronym for Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure, a surgical therapy for gum disease treatment. Lanap Laser Therapy is meant to get rid of disease or infected pocket from the tissues beneath the teeth. Recently, there have been some controversial issues related to the usage of Lanap Laser Therapy. This article justifies the effectiveness of Lanap surgery as we compare it with traditional gum surgery. To understand how Lanap surgery is effective, we must look into the variables attached to it.

Gum Disease

In the case of gum disease, the gums are infected with the disease resulting in damage to the teeth and the gum. Over the years, concerns have not been given to gum disease because there is no discernable pain at the onset of infection. Without feeling any pain, aching or finding any observable changes, people with gum disease do not know that they have it. Ince gum disease reaches the prime of its stage however, then severe pain sets in. This period marks the time when patients with the infection seek out medical treatment.

Traditional Gum Surgery

Once gum disease gets to its peak, tooth decay, loss of the tooth, is the delicate result of the infection. This is avoidable if patients meet with their dental professional from time to time. Something must be done to relieve the severe pain and restore normal performance of the teeth.

Traditionally, the surgical process involves using a scalpel to remove the infected part. This may involve cutting away parts of the affected gum and then stitching to close. Gum disease treatment comes with pain and some delicate post procedure requirements. Fortunately, Edge Dental Houston uses an alternative to this traditional gum disease treatment.

Lanap Surgery

Although Lanap Laser Therapy is an easier execution,  it must be carried out by professionals. Edge Dental Houston is well known for using a system of Lanap laser therapy for treating gum disease with no stitches and no pain when compared with traditional gum surgery.

Lanap, an acronym for Laser-assisted new attachment procedure uses a laser called Periolase to remove infected gum tissues without touching healthy or non-infected areas. As the laser removes the unhealthy gum, it sanitizes and cleanses simultaneously.

Edge Dental Houston is highly recommended for Lanap Laser Therapy because they remove abnormal potentially infectious patches found in your teeth root after treatment.

Lanap surgery does not involve stitching any part of your gum which helps prevent further infections. Since there is no cutting or stitching, there is less to no pain with shorter healing time compared to traditional surgery.


Benefits and Effectiveness

  1. Beyond the removal of infected gum tissue, Lanap Laser Therapy helps healthy gums grow.
  2. From the process and procedure involved in this laser system, there is little to no bleeding or pain, and there is assurance of a shorter recovery time. This is possible because there is no need for stitching.
  3. True regeneration by allowing new bone formation.
  4. Most people shy away from treatment due to high bills, however, Edge Dental Houston is affordable compared to undergoing surgery.
  5. We also know there is natural anxiety attached to going for a tooth infection treatment. Edge Dental Houston understands this and in turn, they provide sedation as a calming method for its patients.



Irrespective of the controversial issues attached to the usage of Lanap Laser Therapy, there has not been any tangible evidence showing side effects of this treatment system. It has been effective, tested, and more beneficial than the traditional means of treatment. With Lanap surgery Houston, Edge Dental has proven to be the best and most secure dental facility in Houston, Texas.