How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take

So you have finally survived that one surgery you have been dreading for so long – the root canal but how was it? Do you feel pain or are you among the million that just went through without suffering the traumatic experience most patients go through. After root canal treatment, what should be the expected root canal recovery time, a day, a week; how long before I get my life back together again? The answer to all these questions is yes, only if you deal with the right dentist or medical facility.

The Root Canal Treatment

If you are told that you need a root canal treatment by your dentist, don’t fret. It is a procedure that will relieve you of that nagging and throbbing pain that you have been suffering from at the corner of your mouth. Most people that are told are scared to bits because of the proper lack of information from the many articles or video they are seen over the internet. However, having a root canal treatment can mean the difference between living a quiet life and having to battle with consistent headaches to the inability to chew your food or have a good night rest.

So what is the procedure for a root canal treatment?

Well, to start with, you have to make several visits to the dentist’s office to check the extent of the damage and if there are any underlying issues that need urgent medical attention.

  • The diagnosis should include a comprehensive check on the cause, how far the damage is, what kind of treatment needs to be offered, and if other teeth are affected. Your dentist should be able to make a proper referral to the right medical facility after the checks.
  • On the appointment day, you will be asked for an X-ray to check the conditions the root canals are in and other teeth in the same vicinity as the troubled one.
  • If your root canal is dead, the dentist or endodontist might decide on numbing the surrounding areas or perform the procedure without one. However, if you are scared, please ask for one, it will ease the process and keep you relaxed.


What happens during a root canal treatment?

A standard root canal procedure involves using dental instruments to extract the infected or dead tissue from the root canal system. When the infection is removed, a temporary filling is inserted in the root canal system which the patient needs to come back to have it removed, and a permanent filling placed.

After root canal the treatment, what next; as the numbness begins to wear off, your mouth will feel heavy, and you might also feel drowsy and sleepy, this is normal. You may also feel some tenderness and soreness from the procedure, but all this are handled with simple over the counter painkillers that your doctor will prescribe. You will also notice that the treated tooth feels different, but all this will pass as you gradually heal from a root canal treatment.

Some symptom experienced after a procedure are:

  • Severe saliva production due to the numbing medication and the procedure
  • Pains and throbbing at the spot lasting several days or more in some patients
  • Notable swelling on the side of the jaw where the treatment occurred
  • Inability to chew properly among other minor discomforts

Root Canal Recovery Time

It is essential to note that root canal treated tooth is frailer and delicate which makes them prone to chipping or breaking easily. However, all this can be avoided by following simple instructions from your doctor. The recovery from root canal treatment is not specific and varies from patients to patients. Some have a high threshold of pain while others can’t take the pain and regardless of the teeth, the following instructions must be adhered to;


  • Don’t chew with the root canal treated too just yet until healing is complete. This is because the root canal system is made up of soft tissue that continues to heal itself after a procedure. This healing process can be thwarted when undue pressure is applied to the location causing abscesses that can lead to swelling in other parts and a feverish feeling in some people.
  • Depending on the damaged canal, the recovery from root canal process is faster, and you should notice adequate changes after a week or two. However, if the pain persists, please go back to your dentist for a thorough check of the teeth, and a recommendation of the right medication for you
  • Do not relent on your oral hygiene procedure as the teeth are still sensitive and prone to infections. Remember to book regular dental checks with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are healing well.

Root canal Treatment or Recovery Complication

Root canal treatment is the most successful surgical procedure in the medical field, that doesn’t mean that complication can’t happen. However, in the event of a complication, please go back to your emergency dentist near me and have it resolved immediately.

  • If you feel your teeth are too sensitive after the healing process, see a dentist immediately to rectify the issue.
  • Please do not take it lightly or try to self-medicate as the root canal system consists of a lot of adjoining nerves that link with other and transfer of infection is highly plausible and dangerous to your health.

Although, the recovery time for a root canal treatment is not known, having a good dentist/endodontist will make the procedure a calming one before and after. So if you have a root canal issue that is bothering you, please do hesitate to book an appointment with us today. At Edge Dental, we have years of experience in root canal treatment and great ideas on getting the best recovery for root canal time after the procedure.

For more information on root canal treatment and root canal recovery time, and all aspect of the root canal, please visit our page by clicking here. Don’t let the teeth take the life out of you, get it treated the right way today.