If your dentist recommends a root canal treatment, it is likely that you will tremble with the fear of pain, because “pain” is what people has always associated with root canal treatments.  But you don’t have to be afraid because this treatment, also known as endodontics, does not hurt as before and can also be the last hope to save a severely infected tooth. Are you looking for “a root canal treatment near me?” The stop looking, here you will find out what endodontics is about and the best place to go for a root canal treatment.

101 Piece about Root Canals

When you neglect a cavity or you fracture a tooth, bacteria can enter the pulp (the soft part of the center of your teeth) and infect it, causing unbearable pain and putting you in danger of losing your tooth. In those cases, it is most likely that your emergency dentist suggests that you do a root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

The word endodontics refers to the inside of the tooth. This treatment is responsible for removing the infected pulp from the inside of your tooth and cleaning the root canals (found inside the pulp) to prevent the infection from spreading and losing your tooth. For this reason, it is common to be called simply “root canal treatment“. Many fear this treatment because a few decades ago it was extremely painful, and how could it not be if the nerves that are the most sensitive part are found in the pulp of your teeth! Therefore, when the dentist suggested it, many patients saw it as a punishment. But there is two good news about it. The first is that currently, thanks to the advances in dentistry and the use of anesthesia, it is no longer a painful procedure or the discomfort is much less. And the second is that the treatment of the ducts can really mean the only possibility of saving your teeth and your smile, because it prevents an oral abscess from forming or that the infection reaches the bone that supports the tooth so you do not  have to take it out.

Dentist That Specializes In Root Canals

An endodontist is an expert dentist in dental treatments of the soft tissues inside the tooth, hence the prefix “endo”, which means “inside” in Greek. Thanks to their knowledge and skills to treat dental pulp injuries, endodontists are specialized in relieving pain and keeping teeth in patients’ mouths. These are the dentists that are specialized in root canals.

Average Cost Of Root Canal Treatment

According to NerdWallet, a root canal treatment costs around $762 for a front tooth, $879 for a premolar, and $1,111 for a molar, but you need to have in mind that according to the region of the country in which you live, the prices may vary.

FAQs About Root Canal Treatment Near Me

When is Root Canal Treatment Suggested by a Doctor?

The root canals are the channels that circulate through the root of the tooth and that contain the blood vessel and nerve that keep it alive.  In cases of receiving a blow or a very deep caries, the internal tissues of one or more pieces are at risk of being affected. In these cases, the patient usually experiences a lot of pain and discomfort, since the infection is already in the dental pulp, very close to the nerve. When this happens, endodontics is usually necessary.

Which Periodontal Treatment Can Help me in This Case?

Periodontal treatments are for the gums, and when you are in need of a root canal treatment, what the dentist needs to treat is the inside of your tooth, not the gums, so in this case, you need an endodontic treatment, not a periodontic one.

What is the Average Cost of a Root Canal?

The costs of a root canal treatment will depend of the location of the tooth, the region of the country in which you live and the dentist office you attend, but according to NerdWallet the prices are:

  • $762 for a front tooth.
  • $8that for a premolar.
  • $1,1111for a molar.

Where Can I Get Some Good Dental Treatment?

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How to Stop/Remove Cavities Without a Root Canal?

The only way to stop the pain and avoid infection when you need a root cavity treatment, and you don’t want to have one, is by extraction of the affected tooth. But, have in mind, that having an extraction without later filling that space with a bridge or an implant, your bite will change for the worse, and you will increase the risks of cavities because of the movement that your remaining teeth will have.

What is the Best Procedure For Root Canal Treatment?

Before starting you will be given local anesthesia to prevent it from hurting you. The dentist will start by opening the crown of the tooth where the bacteria has entered, in order to reach the pulp and clean the infection.  Using very small instruments, it will remove the part of the pulp that is damaged and then clean the root canals. It is likely that the dentist will need to apply medications to eliminate germs that are still scattered in the pulp and thus prevent them from infecting your tooth. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the tooth open so that it can drain the pus caused by the infection, and you will have to return to a second or third appointment. In that case the endodontist will put a temporary filling to cover the tooth a bit, but will warn you that you should not bite or chew on that side until you have completely sealed it. When the treatment is finished, the endodontist will fill the cavity of the pulp and the ducts, and then seal them.

Root Canal Dentist Near Me

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One of the most used procedures in the dentist is root canal treatment: it’s a treatment of roots of the tooth, in which the total extraction of the dental pulp proceeds. Endodontics is a procedure that saves teeth and reduces cases of extraction. Why is a endodontics performed? Root canals are performed on teeth with deep cavities, which cause inflammation or necrosis (death) of the dental pulp. Other reasons for the appearance of pulpitis or inflammation of the pulp are some traumatisms, abrasion, erosion and wear of the teeth due to friction between them (for example due to bruxism) or the way in which some restorative treatments are performed. The dental pulp is the innermost part of the tooth, and where the nerves and blood vessels are located. The inflammation of the pulp usually manifests with pain, which can be of different degrees and occur at different times: because of heat or cold, in certain positions, when eating or drinking, etc. The type of pain we feel is what will indicate to the dentist if endodontics can be a solution to your problem. The average prices of a root canal will vary depending of the location of the affected tooth, the region of the country in which you live and the dentist you go for treatment. At Edge Dental you will find the best dentists to help you with your dental issues.