In the center, your teeth have a nucleus of blood vessels and nerves that are called pulp.  This pulp is in a space called the root canal. Each tooth can have one or more root canal treatment. Their front teeth often have only one root canal, while the back teeth may have three or more. The pulp of your teeth can become infected with bacteria if your teeth are damaged. This can happen in different ways:

  • Severe cavities.
  • An injury, like a blow to the mouth.
  • Cracked or loose fillings, or repeated

fillings in the tooth.

  • Diseases of the gums.

Do you have some of this issues and are in need of a root canal treatment? Are you looking for a “root canal near me?” Do you even know how a root canal treatment is done? Well, then keep reading to find out everything you need.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal treatment involves the removal and replacement of the pulp of a tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue that is found inside teeth and molars, and that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. The pulp, damaged by a fracture or a deep caries lesion, can’t repair itself. Bacteria seep inside and cause irreversible damage. The damaged pulp causes an inflammation and subsequently more blood arrives, generating an increase in pressure inside the tooth. In this situation, you may feel pain when taking cold or hot foods or drinks. The pain gets worse until it becomes spontaneous, at which time analgesics and dental care are needed.

How is a Root Canal Done?

The dentist will separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth, with a thin layer of rubber called a dam. In this way the expansion of any infection is interrupted and it is prevented that you swallow or breathe any small instrument or liquid that is used during the procedure. Your dentist near me will make a hole in the upper part of the tooth and remove the dead or diseased pulp. Then clean the empty hole with a liquid that also helps eliminate any infection. The hole in the tooth may need to be widened to make sure it can be filled correctly, and it is done with small rows. If the root canal is severely damaged, this may be all your dentist does on your first visit. Your dentist will put a temporary filling on the tooth to keep it closed until you return to continue treatment. However, if your tooth is not severely damaged, the dentist can put a permanent filling and seal the tooth. If you have a temporary filling, the dentist will remove it and replace it with a permanent one when you return to the next appointment. Then seal the tooth to prevent infection and major damage.  If there is a risk that the tooth will be damaged again, your emergency dentist may suggest that a crown be placed.

Dentist That Specializes in Root Canal

An endodontist is the name of the Dentists that specializes in root canal treatments.

Cost Of Root Canal

The national average costs for root canal treatments are between $200 to $2500 depending on the type of tooth and the dentist who treat it.

FAQs About

How to Find a Good Dental Insurance Plan?

There are many aspects to assess.  It is necessary to differentiate between the most basic policies -which only include extractions, cures, x-rays and a dental cleaning– of those that give access to a multitude of treatments at no additional cost. However, a dental policy that has more coverages than another is not the only thing that makes it better. The guarantees matter, but also the conditions with which they are provided, such as offering a broad medical picture, own clinics throughout the country or the wide network of clinics arranged. In any case, the best option is to compare several insurance to choose the one that best suits what you really need.

Which Periodontal Treatment Can Help me in This Case?

None, periodontal treatments are for the gums, and root canal treatment has nothing to do with the gums, but with the pulp of the teeth. So, of you are needing a root canal treatment, the dentist will proceed to do an endodontic treatment.

What is the Difference Between Root Canal and Teeth Filling?

A tooth filling is made when you have a simple cavity, and the cavity has not reached the pulp of your tooth. Then, you have no nerve compromise and the solution is just to drill, clean and subsequently fill the tooth. A root canal on the other hand, is made when the pulp has been compromised. So the nerve needs to be treated. If the dentist just fill the teeth when the pulp is compromised, it will not only cause a huge amount of pain, but eventually your teeth could fall out and you will be in a high risk of infection and bleeding.

What is the Average Cost of Root Canal and Crown?

  • Root Canal: Depending of the location, dentist, and severity of the case the cost ranges from $200 to $2500.
  • Crown: Between $800 to $3000

Will a Tooth Feel the Same After a Root Canal?

Many times patients complain of discomfort or pain the days after the root canal treatment and ask how it can be. You can feel discomfort when chewing although the treatment has been done correctly. The discomfort may be due to an acute inflammation of the tissues around the apex of the tooth after treatment and may last a few days until it disappears. And after it disappears, the tooth will feel the same as when it was healthy.

Where Can I Find Affordable Dental Care?

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What is the Best Procedure For Root Canal Treatment?

There is only one procedure for root canal treatment. During this treatment, the tooth and the peripheral area are anesthetized. Then, the tooth is drilled and the pulp tissue of the tooth is extracted.  After that, the tubes are cleaned and filled with medication. A permanent amalgam or crown is placed over the tooth.

Should I go to a Dentist or an Endodontist For a Root Canal?

An endodontist IS a dentist specialized in endodontic treatments, and root canal is an endodontic issue. Even though general dentists may have training in endodontic treatments, a specialist will always be better prepared to treat your root canal.

Root Canal Dentist Near Me

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The word endodontics refers to the inside of the tooth.  This treatment is responsible for removing the infected pulp from the inside of your tooth and cleaning the root canals (found inside the pulp) to prevent the infection from spreading and losing your tooth.  For this reason it is common to be called simply “Root Canal treatment”. A common root canal treatment is done directly in your dentist’s office or an endodontist’s office, and can take between one and three visits, depending on the severity of the infection. Before starting you will be given local anesthesia to prevent it from hurting you. The dentist will start by opening the crown of the tooth where the bacteria has entered, in order to reach the pulp and clean the infection. When the treatment is finished, the endodontist will fill the cavity of the pulp and the ducts, and then seal them. Finally, they will place a new crown over the treated tooth. The name of the dentist that is specialized in root canals is Endodontist. The average prices will vary depending on the location, the tooth, the dentist and the severity of your issue, but the rates are between $200 to $2500. If you are asking yourself about “Root canal near me”, then EdgeDental is the best place to go.