Having a damaged tooth is not really what a lot of people would want for themselves. This is not far fetched however, as this can pose a number of problems. These problems can range from denting your facial appearance, to ruining your smile which can in turn affect your self confidence. You may may become more self conscious and find it hard to smile even when you are supposed to, in a family photograph for example, or to make a really lasting impression.

So if you unfortunately find yourself in a position where you have either a missing tooth, or a tooth that has been damaged due to decay, wear or maybe it’s broken, it can serve as a source of worry for you. You need not however spend all your time feeling bad or worrying too much about how to tackle this problem.

A visit to an oral surgeon will do the trick for you as dental implants can be employed to ensure you have a natural looking and feeling artificial tooth.

One big concern you may have, is the price of a dental implant. The thing is, there are other tooth replacement options which may appear to be cheaper, but then, it may be more expensive than implants in the long run as you may continually have to pay that tooth replacement cost over and over. According to the New York Times however, a single tooth dental implant is estimated to cost between $3,000 to $4,500.

FAQs About Dental Implant Dentist

If you are considering dental implants as replacement teeth, here are some answers to certain questions you may want to know.

How Strong Are Dental Implants Compared To Real Teeth?

Out of all options for teeth replacement, dental implants are the strongest choice. This is because the implants are anchored to the jawbones instead of the tooth roots. This in turn allows them to be stronger, and even to be able to withstand more pressure than natural teeth would be able to handle when normally.

How Effective Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is quite effective as it has the ability to graft itself into the bone and perfectly mimics the natural tooth, serving as a substitute in case of loss of natural tooth and for tooth root. Dental implants can extremely benefit you as, they provide long term support and are by far better than other teeth replacement procedures.

What Are The Rules For Eating After Implant Surgery?

During the first two days following the dental implant surgery, only liquids such as soup, ice cream, gelatin, pudding, yoghurt, applesauce, etc. are advised to be consumed. This is to prevent food particles from lodging in the wound. On the third day however, semi-liquid foods including pancakes, eggs, mashed potatoes, soft pasta, etc. may then be added to the diet.

What Are Some Techniques Of Dental Implants?

In the process of inserting a dental implant, there will be a small incision in the gum to expose the bone so that eventually, a dental drill can be used to shapen the site where the abutment screw will eventually be fixed into the jawbone. This procedure can come in either one or two stages, although the choice of this is dependent on the specific case of the patient.

  •        One Stage Procedure – In this procedure, an implant is fixed into a site that is already prepared after which it is a healing cap is then used to cover it.
  •        Two Stage Procedure – If is perceived that the bone density is on the lower side than how it should normally be, then this procedure is performed.

What Are Some Factors Or Aspects That Determine Dental Implant Cost?

The cost of dental implants is not set as different factors can influence. Some of these factors include:

Number of Replacements

The higher the number of teeth you aim to restore, the higher the total costs of the implants will be.

Location of the Tooth

If the tooth to be restored is located in a position where more advanced work may need to be carried out, the cost of the implant may also be affected.

Bone Density

Your bone structure must be good with none density must be on a high side in order for you to be able to secure a titanium post. If your jawbone density is low, then you are seemingly automatically disqualified. However, bone grafting or a sinus augmentation can be used to successfully prepare you for implant surgery regardless of bone loss which can cause low bone density. This added process will however definitely affect the costs of your process.

The Need for Extractions

Also, if the damaged tooth is yet to fall off from your mouth, you may have to extract the tooth. This is procedure is separate and will incur its own cost.

 Overall Oral Health

You will need dental healthy gums to undergo the procedure, so if you have gum disease or other oral conditions, you will be needing a different treatment so your mouth can be healthy, so your dental implant process can be successful.

What Is The Best Dental Implant?

Titanium is usually considered as better than zircon implants because its designs can be manufactured in a two piece system and it’s material is highly bio compatible as well.

What Is The Role Of Dental Implant In Oral Health?

Dental Implants play a very positive critical role in oral health as they provide better comfort and function for you the user. They can as well serve as a lasting solution if your teeth is missing. It will function as good as your natural teeth as the titanium root though artificial, is inserted into the jawbone and will with time eventually fuse with it.

What Treatment Is Available For Dental Bone Loss?

Some of the available treatment for dental bone loss includes:

  •        Flap surgery (pocket reduction surgery)
  •        Soft tissue grafts
  •        Bone grafting
  •        Guided tissue regeneration
  •        Tissue-stimulating proteins

Where Can I Get Affordable Treatment For Dental Implants?

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