Dentists extract teeth if they become too damaged to repair. Patients often lose teeth from injuries, as well. Children may have decayed teeth removed, however, their adult teeth eventually replace the missing tooth. Adults can choose dentures or implants to replace missing teeth. If your dentist recommends tooth extraction, it usually must happen immediately to preserve your oral health. The urgency of tooth extraction can result in an unplanned dental bill. Learn more about the cost of extractions and financing options. 

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Near Me

Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction near me if you have an unfixable break or cavity. Patients may have broken teeth from hard foods or injuries. Teeth can also become cracked from pressure over time. Pressure may happen when patients grind or clench their teeth often. If you have pain or sensitivity in your tooth, your dentist must complete an exam to find the problem. Dentists usually try to save the tooth before moving on to an extraction. If you have severe decay, your dentist may preserve your tooth with a root canal and crown.

In some cases, dentists extract healthy teeth. Some people have crowded mouths that cause orthodontic problems. If all of your teeth do not fit properly in your mouth, you may need tooth extractions to make more room in your mouth. Oral surgeons also remove impacted teeth. Wisdom teeth often remain impacted and can push on your other teeth. Impacted teeth often face horizontally or diagonally and cannot erupt properly. They can also contribute to infection. A dental center in Houston can help you with a treatment plan for your painful tooth. 

    If my tooth only hurts when I bite hard on it, is it a cavity?

Many dental problems can cause pain in your tooth. Some patients may not even notice minor cavities. If you have any type of pain or discomfort, call your dentist for a proper assessment. Some issues that can contribute to pain when you bite down include cavities, infections, and cracks in the teeth. 

Emergency Dentist Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, patients need an emergency tooth extraction. This often happens when individuals have accidents, such as sports injuries. If you need emergency dental care, call your dentist’s emergency number or visit an emergency dental clinic. Emergency extractions may happen due to injury, infection, or decay. An impacted wisdom tooth can also hit a nerve, causing severe pain. You can often prevent emergencies with wisdom teeth by scheduling routine dental exams. Dentists often perform x-rays on teens and young adults to check the location of their wisdom teeth. 

What makes a hairline tooth fracture so painful?

When teeth become damaged, the nerves can become exposed. You may have pain and sensitivity to temperature if this happens. 

Children’s Tooth Extraction Cost

Children often need a lot of dental care when they become pre-teens. During this time, kids may need to get ready for braces. In preparation for orthodontic care, the dentist may extract teeth. Tooth extraction costs remain similar for both children and adults. You can expect to pay about $150- $300 per tooth for a simple extraction. The cost can rise up to $4,000 for a surgical extraction. Dental insurance may cover a large portion of the cost. The specialists at Edge Dental can help assess your tooth and schedule an extraction. 

    What can I do to repair a cracked half tooth?

Dentists can often repair a cracked tooth. You may need extraction for severely cracked teeth. If the dentist can repair the tooth, you may get bonding, root canal, or crown.

Find the Closest Dentist Office to My Location

You may benefit from having a dentist close to your home or office. Otherwise, you may miss several hours of work commuting to the dental office. You may also need to visit the dentist several times while healing from a tooth extraction. You can find a dentist’s office near me by looking online or calling your insurance company. Most dental insurance companies also have online directories to help patients find doctors in their area. If you do not have insurance, look for a dentist that offers self-pay discounts or payment plans.

    What should I do if I have an abscessed tooth? 

If you have pain in your tooth, make an appointment with the dentist immediately. You may need to take an antibiotic or have a dental abscess drained. 

Paying for a Dental Extraction: Affordable Dentistry

Most people do not plan on having a tooth extraction. The sudden medical bill may concern you. Dental clinics often have financing for patients without dental insurance. When looking for dental services, find a clinic that offers payment options that work for your budget. Ask about a payment plan with manageable monthly payments for expensive dental procedures. 

Oral Health After a Tooth Extraction

After a tooth extraction procedure, schedule a follow-up visit with your dentist. If you have surgery for an impacted tooth, you may have stitches. Most dental stitches dissolve on their own, however, dentists examine the incision during your follow-up appointment. If you have excessive pain or swelling after your tooth extraction, call your dentist immediately for an appointment. You may need ice packs, pain medication, and soft foods during your recovery.    


The final cost of a tooth extraction depends on the patient’s unique dental issues. Oral surgeons must remove impacted teeth, making the procedure more expensive. Patients undergoing wisdom tooth surgery often need anesthesia or sedatives, adding to the cost. You may also need several follow-up appointments so the dentist can monitor the healing process. Make an appointment with Edge Dental to schedule an oral health assessment today!