If you have pain or damage to your tooth, meet with your dentist to determine a treatment plan. Dentists often recommend a veneer to strengthen a tooth after a filling or root canal. Your oral health remains the primary concern of your dentist. You can expect to get a tooth repair to resolve dental problems before beginning veneer treatment. Many patients also choose veneers to resolve minor cosmetic issues, such as chipped teeth, gaps, and crooked teeth. Your dentist can help you choose the best treatment plan and type of veneer. 

Your Dental Exam for Porcelain Veneers Houston, TX

If you have problems with the health or appearance of your tooth, make an appointment with your dentist to get a proper assessment and treatment plan. A good dentist in Houston, TX may also find oral health problems during your routine dental cleaning and exam. You can often expect to have x-rays during your exam, as well. Dentists focus on the health of the tooth before beginning the veneer process. 

If you have a cosmetic dentist, you may have a consultation to discuss options for dental veneers Houston, TX. During your consultation, you can ask questions and explain the changes you want for your smile. You may also discuss financing during the appointment. The specialists at Edge Dental can schedule a consultation and exam for you. 

Looking for a Dentist for Porcelain Veneers Houston

When looking for any medical professional, you can search online or call your insurance company. You can also ask friends or family for recommendations. Take the time to read through the business website for the dentist you choose. You can often find information about services, payment options, and employees on the dental website. Cosmetic dentists may also post before and after pictures of their patients. Check the certifications and customer reviews before deciding on a dentist in Memorial City. 

Fixing a Broken Tooth with Teeth Veneers Near Me

Patients end up with broken teeth for a variety of reasons. Some patients grind their teeth when sleeping. Accidents, such as sports injuries, can also result in broken teeth. Biting down on hard foods often causes chips in teeth and can lead to large cracks. Your dentist may provide a filling or root canal before applying porcelain veneers. Before getting a veneer, the dentist must file down your tooth to make room for the veneer. You can choose between porcelain veneers Houston and resin veneers, and the dentist adheres them to your tooth with dental bonding glue or cement. The specialists at Edge Dental can help plan your dental veneer treatment.

    Is it possible to restore broken teeth?

Yes, dentists can often restore broken teeth. During your dental appointment, the dentist can assess the severity of the damage. You may need a crown or veneer to restore the tooth. 

Affordable Veneers in Houston, TX

You may begin searching for inexpensive teeth veneers when you feel ready to start your smile restoral journey. Most dentists of Houston should have similar prices. To make them more affordable, look for a dentist with payment plans or self-pay discounts. Many dentists offer in-house financing to help patients manage the total cost for veneers. 

Working with a Houston, TX Cosmetic Dentist

If your oral health remains in good shape, you may simply want veneers for cosmetic reasons. During your consultation with the best cosmetic dentist Houston, TX, you can discuss different treatment options. You may also need a dental health exam before you begin the process. Your specialist may want to make sure you have good oral health before making changes to your smile. Expect to visit your doctor more than once to complete the veneer treatment. Many patients find it helpful to work with a Houston dental cosmetic center near their home or office. 

    What are some ways to whiten extremely yellow teeth?

Talk to your dentist about in-office teeth whitening procedures if you have incredibly yellow teeth. Dentists can use a bleach treatment to restore your smile. You can also ask for laser teeth whitening treatment to get faster, brighter results. 

    What is the best and fastest way to whiten your teeth? 

During a laser whitening procedure, the dentist uses a bleaching solution and enhances it with light to heat the solution. This process speeds up the whitening action and often leads to a brighter shade of white. 

Caring for Your Dental Veneers Houston, TX

Once you get dental veneers, take the time to talk to your doctor about continuing dental care. You may need to avoid extremely sticky or hard foods to protect your new veneers. Continue to visit your dentist for routine cleanings and exams twice each year, as well. Dental veneers may last 10- 30 years. Porcelain veneers cost more, yet often last longer than resin veneers. Think about the cost and the timeline when choosing the type of veneers you prefer. 


Patients may need porcelain veneers in Houston, TX after a tooth repair. Some patients get veneers for purely cosmetic purposes, as well. If you need a veneer to strengthen or reshape your tooth after a root canal, the treatment may involve 2-3 dental visits. Dentists add veneers after resolving the oral health problem. Veneers also work well to resolve gaps and slightly crooked teeth. Some people have damage to their teeth from grinding or injuries, as well. Dentists adhere veneers to your teeth with a bonding agent after filing down the tooth to make room for your veneer. Your dentist can help you choose between porcelain or resin veneers. Porcelain veneers often last longer than resin veneers, however, they cost more. You may need a replacement veneer anywhere from 10- 30 years later. You can extend the life of your veneers by improving your dental hygiene, scheduling routine dental appointments, and avoiding some foods. Talk to your dentist to learn how a dental veneer can change your smile.


Patients often need veneers to correct damage from decay or infection. Dentists often use veneers to repair slight cosmetic imperfections, as well. If you have a gap, slightly crooked, or chipped tooth, a veneer can improve your smile. Your dentist can give you a thorough exam to look for underlying oral health problems before proceeding with a cosmetic veneer procedure. If you need a filling or root canal, these procedures must happen before placing a veneer. Many patients get veneers to improve the strength and aesthetics of teeth after a filling or root canal. Make an appointment with Edge Dental to discuss a dental veneer procedure today.