Are you in urgent need of a tooth extraction? Are you worried about the pain that the extraction may cause you? Many people worry about pain, but I have good news: there are modern anesthesia techniques that make the intervention much more bearable. You will feel a little pain in the area after the extraction, but we have some tips that will help you recover quickly from exodontics. But first of all, we believe it is important that you know the reasons why a dentist might recommend a tooth extraction.

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Preserving dental pieces is essential because the loss or extraction of them affects not only the aesthetics of the mouth but also its functionality, although today there is a wide variety of solutions when replacing a natural tooth, being the Implants one of the most effective. Although dental professionals try to do their best to keep natural teeth in place, it is not always possible, having to resort to exodontics, as it is called the surgical act by which a tooth is extracted to the patient. One of those situations is when the teeth are in very bad condition and there is no possibility of reconstruction. With its extraction, the risk of infection or gum disease is avoided. Exodontics is also the best option in those patients who have very advanced caries that do not allow to keep the tooth in the mouth, dental pieces with deep fractures or severe periodontal disease resulting in the mobility of the tooth. So, in a list it would be like this:

  • Dental infection or severe decay.
  • Periodontal disease (in the gums).
  • Irreparable damage due to trauma (blows).
  • Dental impact (in case of wisdom teeth).
  • To obtain the necessary space to realign the teeth with orthodontic appliances.
  • For dentures or dental implants to fit.

Does pulling a tooth hurt?

As I have already mentioned, the dentist will anesthetize you in the local area. You will feel pressure, but no pain. The injection to administer anesthesia can be a bit painful, but your dentist can use a special anesthetic gel to lessen the pain. In case you start to feel pricks of pain, notify your dentist immediately. If you are anxious about feeling pain during the procedure, agree on a signal with your emergency dentist that you can use to tell him that you need to talk. It is more common for you to feel some discomfort or pain after extraction, once the anesthesia loses its effect. You can read more about how to deal with this below, in the recovery section.

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There are many reasons why we can have a broken tooth. So many, which are one of the most frequent problems in emergency and dental clinics. Sometimes a broken tooth generates a lot of pain. In addition, it is a cause for concern, since nobody likes to go through life with a fractured tooth and can have negative consequences on oral health. The good news? Most of the time a broken tooth has a solution. Some dental conditions are urgent, while others may wait a bit to be treated by making an appointment with your dentist near me.

Symptoms of dental emergency:

  • Bleeding that does not stop.
  • Loose teeth, moved or fractured because of a blow.
  • Fracture of the jaw
  • Fracture of a dental prosthesis.
  • Fracture of a tooth from the root.
  • Acute and severe pain in teeth and gums.
  • Unbearable toothache.

These emergencies can be cured with a drain, tooth extraction, endodontics or other treatment. If you experience any of these symptoms, at Edge Dental Houston the dentists can provide the assistance you need.

FAQs About Tooth Extraction Near Me

What is the main purpose of getting a root canal?

Endodontics (root canal) is a treatment to extract the pulp (nerve) from the tooth and thus avoid its extraction. It is applied in fractured dental pieces, with deep caries and injured in their pulp tissue (nerve) in which there is an irreversible lesion.

What are steps involved in root canal treatment?

Root canal or pulpectomy therapy consists of making a small hole in the tooth and cleaning the pulp residues that remain inside the tooth and its roots: they are cleaned, disinfected, shaped inside the roots and It is filled with an inert material.

Why would one get a root canal on a loose tooth?

A root canal is only needed when the pulp of the tooth has no option of recovery but not when there are loose teeth. The treatments for loose teeth will depend on the case, they are:

  •  Go to a dentist. Your dentist will diagnose your case, and in the case of suffering from periodontal disease, it will be more than advisable to perform a deep dental cleaning of the gums.
  • Brackets. If the reason for the loose teeth is the alignment of the teeth, it is best to begin orthodontic treatment.
  • Nightguard: If you suffer from bruxism, there are some covers for the night that will take care of your teeth from the erosion caused by continuous friction.
  • Tooth extraction: In some cases, the tooth will be so loose that there will be no solution, so the best option may be to remove the tooth and put another in its place.
  • Other dental treatments Some dental treatments such as splinting allow the loose tooth to join the firm teeth to achieve maximum stabilization of the loose tooth.

Why is a tooth extracted after a root canal?

A root canal is performed in order to save your tooth from being extracted, so usually, there is no need to extract your tooth. In some cases, your tooth could be severely fractured after a root canal due to trauma or bad hygiene and the only solution would be to make an extraction.

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There are times when there is no other choice but to extract a tooth (very advanced caries, periodontal disease, infections, parts that have not sprouted completely or the correct position is not found). Whether it is a simple or more complicated surgery such as the extraction of an impacted tooth, there is specific care that you must follow before and after the extraction so that the wound heals as soon as possible and avoid infections and unnecessary complications. The removal of a tooth is one of the most common procedures in dental clinics, although it does not stop being one of the most feared by patients. The belief that tooth extractions are painful causes many people to delay their visit to the dentist with the risk of their oral health being affected. But do you know what is more painful? To stay with a fractured tooth with a decay that, if not treated in time with a paste or endodontics, could result in the necrosis and loss of the piece. If you are wondering about “Tooth Extraction Near Me“, then Edge Dental is the best and closest dental clinic to go for it. They have state-of-the-art technology and some of the best dentists in the country.