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Nobody is happy to hear that they need to have a dental extraction. That you have to remove a tooth or any other tooth is painful and always generates some restlessness. The extraction of one or several dental pieces is the last remedy that dentists usually recommend and apply to preserve the oral health of the patient. This technique is only practiced, known as exodontics, if a tooth is dentally unrecoverable or is detrimental to the health of the chewing apparatus. Do you want to know more about this topic? Then this is the right blog for you.

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If you need a dental extraction – particularly one from the front – you will soon be thinking about the options you have to replace it. The three main options are:

But first, you must have in mind some basic info

What is simple tooth extraction?

Simple tooth extraction is the procedure by which avulsion (extraction) of a tooth or part of it, from the maxillary bone that houses it, is performed by means of specific techniques and instruments.

What are the causes to extract a tooth?

The most common causes for simple tooth extraction are dental caries and periodontal disease, associated or not associated with pain and repetitive infections. Other possible causes are:

  • Supernumerary teeth
  • Teeth in areas undergoing irradiation
  • Prosthetic and orthodontic causes
  • Dental extraction should always be indicated by the professional.

Tips before tooth extraction

  1. If the patient has, or thinks they have, a latex allergy, they should tell the dentist.
  2. The patient should let the dentist know if he or she has an allergy or any type of intolerance or reaction to local anesthetics or vasoconstrictors.
  3. Hypertension or diabetes should also be noted, as some components of anesthesia may potentiate these diseases.
  4. If you have, or think you have, a problem that affects your coagulation, you should warn the dentist to take specific precautions and measures.
  5. Warning to the doctor is also essential if anticoagulants, platelet antiaggregants, aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aine’s) are being taken.
  6. If the patient suffers from any heart disease.

Dental implants

They are the most permanent option after you have had a teeth extraction and also the most similar to a natural tooth. The titanium implant is inserted into the mandibular bone and an artificial dental crown adheres on top. The bone fuses with the implant and that minimizes bone loss.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston

The extraction of the third molar, commonly known as wisdom tooth, is carried out quite regularly even if it is not causing pain or complications. The wisdom tooth usually erupts between 17 and 28 years as a general rule, there are cases in which they suffer from agenesis or lack of wisdom teeth, or are delayed in the eruption which does not usually happen very often. For most people the third molar has no use, except in some patients.

How is dental extraction performed?

First, the dentist will anesthetize the affected area, then cut or break the union of the tooth with the bone, known in dentistry as a periodontal ligament. For this, the professional will use the appropriate material. Once the dentist has released the tooth, this will be removed from the bone cavity where it was housed. The process involves the bleeding of the gum or socket, whose edges are approximated by the healthcare professional and tablets to facilitate coagulation and faster healing. A better healing helps the patient bite on a sterile tank for a few minutes. If a gum tear has occurred or if it gives enough of itself, the dentist can suture or sew the wound to help it heal.

FAQs About Tooth Extraction Houston

How to treat an infection caused by a rotten tooth?

Many cases can be treated simply with a dental filling (filling). Even if you developed a dental abscess because of an infection, root canal treatment can often preserve the tooth. If the infection still persists, a tooth extraction, also called exodontics, will be necessary to stop its spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream.

What is the best dentist office in Houston?

Edge Dental Houston is one of the best dental clinics in the country. There, you can have a wide variety of treatments for your dental ailments and also cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile. They have the latest technology and their dentists are some of the best you will be able to find.

Where can I find affordable dentures in Houston TX?

At Edge Dental, your dentist will recommend the best and affordable treatments to replace your missing teeth. It may be a denture, an implant or a crown. Your dentist will tell you the benefits and/or disadvantages of each one.

Should I get my teeth extracted to correct my overjet problem?

Teeth extraction is always a last resort, as your dentist’s work is to try to maintain your teeth. If it is needed, then your dentist will tell you to do it, but for that you must get an appointment and go to a dental clinic to have the proper revision of your teeth made by a professional.

Why is a tooth extracted after a root canal?

Usually, after a root canal treatment, there is no need to have a tooth extraction. Root canal treatment is actually performed in order to save and keep your denture even though the nerve of the tooth has been severed.

Dentist That Pull Wisdom Teeth Near Me

If you think that you need to have a teeth extraction, then you should Book An Appointment to go to the dentist and have a check. At Edge Dental Houston you will find some of the best dentists in the country, so they will tell you if it is needed a tooth extraction, and if it isn’t, they will help you with other alternatives too.


Many dentists recommend removing retained teeth when they only partially evolve. Bacteria are deposited around them and can cause infection and spread to the bone. The pain in these cases is very annoying. Infections, whether caused by incorrect development of the dentition or for other reasons, must be stopped quickly, because if they can not present much more serious problems. The organism is wise. Ailments are the warning that something is not right. Sometimes, depending on the patient and the state of his mouth, the need to perform an intervention to remove that tooth for whatever reason is giving us real headaches. When is needed a tooth extraction? In case the patient has teeth with deep cavities or fractures that are impossible to restore, also due to advanced periodontitis, or when the teeth are poorly positioned or incorrectly oriented and cannot be recovered with orthodontic techniques. There are numerous reasons why dental extractions are recommended, which may be simple or surgical. The first case is the most commonly used procedure, but if the dental extraction is complicated, either due to lack of a substantial part of the crown of the tooth or because access to the root is complicated, then it is recommended to perform a surgical intervention. To have a Tooth Extraction in Houston, the best place to go is Edge Dental.