You do not have to suffer from a compromised smile after tooth loss. A dental surgeon can restore your smile with a natural-looking replacement tooth. A full dental implant process takes several months and can take over a year in some cases. After you heal from tooth loss, you can get an exam to begin the dental implant process. The procedure involves surgery to place the implant in the jaw bone. Some patients also need a bone graft treatment to strengthen the bone. Many patients choose implants because of their strength and natural appearance. 

Best Dental Implants in Houston: Looking for a Clinic

You can quickly look online or call your dental insurance company to find a specialist in your area. To get the best dental implants in Houston, take time to research the dentist before committing to treatment. You can usually read about services and payment options on the dentist’s website. A dentist in Memorial City can help you get started with the dental implant process. 

When looking for a reputable dentist, take the time to learn about their education and experience. Their website may also have information about the office staff. Look for patient reviews, as well. Many cosmetic dentists also share before and after pictures of former patients. The specialists at Edge Dental can answer your questions about implants and financing. 

Your First Appointment at a Houston Dental Implant Center

During your first appointment at a Houston dental implant center, you may get an exam and x-rays. After the initial exam, expect to meet with the doctor for a consultation. Some clinics may combine the exam and consult into one visit. The dentist checks your overall oral health and bone mass. Your doctor can determine the right treatment plan for you after the exam. You may also discuss costs and financing during the consultation. 

How dental implants are helpful?

Patients often have embarrassment when they have a noticeable space where a tooth used to be. The stress from a missing tooth can lead to self-esteem issues and discomfort while eating. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, speech may also become affected. Your mouth can feel and look more natural after getting a dental implant. 

Full Mouth Dental Implants Houston 

In some cases, patients lose all of their teeth. Severe decay and genetic issues can lead to losing a full mouth of teeth. This loss can cause both physical and emotional complications. You cannot eat or speak appropriately without teeth. You may also need to talk at work or look professional. Without teeth, social problems can arise. 

You may get dentures to function better while preparing for implants. Some patients also do well with dentures long-term. The process for full dental implants in Houston differs very little from getting one implant. With all-on-four dental implants Houston, your dentist surgically places four posts in your jaw bone. The entire set of teeth attaches to these posts.    

    How many teeth can be replaced with dental implants?

You can get as many implants as necessary to restore your entire smile. Your surgeon can determine if you have enough strength in your jaw bone to manage multiple implants. If you need more bone mass, you may need bone grafting before having implant surgery. Some patients only need one implant, while others get an entire mouth of replacement teeth. Dentists often use all-on-four implants for a full mouth of teeth. With all-on-four dental implants, you only need to have four posts surgically placed, yet you get a full set of teeth. 

Preparing for Dental Implants Houston

Before you get started with a dental implant specialist Houston, visit your general dentist. Your dentist can make sure the site of your tooth extraction has adequately healed. Your dentist can also make sure you do not have any other problems that need attention. If you need a filling or treatment for gum disease, resolve these problems before starting the implant process. Most surgeons prefer to work on patients with good dental health to improve the success rates of implants.

 After your surgical consult, you can set up your implant placement appointment. Plan to have someone drive you to the appointment and back home after since the procedure involves the use of general anesthesia. You may also like to have soft foods and ice packs at home after the surgery. The professionals at Edge Dental can help you prepare for your dental implant procedure. 

Are dental implants as good as natural teeth?

Dentists usually try to save damaged teeth. They choose extraction as the last choice when trying to preserve your oral health. You may lose a tooth from decay, infection, or injury. You can choose from dentures or implants when replacing a missing tooth. While natural teeth remain the best option, implants look and feel authentic. Your bone grows around the implant, securing it in place, making it durable and secure. You may notice improvements in speech, eating, and appearance. 

Affordable Dental Implants in Houston 

You can expect to spend up to $4,500 on one dental implant. This can cause financial concerns for many people. Most dental clinics have payment plans to make the cost manageable. You can usually expect to make a down payment and monthly payments afterward. Talk to your dentist about your budget before starting the procedure, so you can prepare for the charges. You may also consider using a credit card or taking out a loan. While you cannot change the overall cost of implants, you can make the payments affordable by looking for a financing option with low-interest rates. Many dental offices also offer promotional pricing for new patients. 

    How much do implants cost and does insurance cover the cost?

A dental implant for one tooth often ranges from $3,000 to $4,500. You cannot expect traditional dental insurance to cover cosmetic procedures. Many dental clinics offer payment plans to help manage dental implant cost, however. 

Caring for the Best Dental Implants Houston

Once you finish the dental implant process, learn to take care of your new smile. Continue visiting your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and exam. You can also optimize your oral health by brushing your teeth often and flossing daily, as well. The dental implant should stay in place for a lifetime. Rarely, an implant needs maintenance due to an injury or bone loss. If the replacement tooth gets damaged, your cosmetic dentist can order a new one to place on the permanent post. 


A good cosmetic dentist can help restore your smile after a tooth loss. You may lose a tooth because of decay, injury, or infection. If you have an interest in dental implants, talk to your dentist about your options. Your dentist can make sure your mouth heals well from tooth loss and can check for other dental health issues. You can meet with your oral surgeon to get a treatment plan and learn about financing options. Make an appointment with Edge Dental to get started on your new smile today!