How a Full Sedation Dentist can Help

Many people find dental procedures uncomfortable. They have trouble tolerating the different sounds, smells, sensations. If your dentist finds decay or infection during your routine exam, you may need to have a filling or root canal. Serve decay can also result in an extraction. Talk to your dentist about sedation options if you feel this is not manageable. Your sedation dentist may offer nitrous oxide, oral medications, or intravenous sedation. 

Reasons to Use a Full Sedation Dentist

You can often find sedation options at pediatric dental offices. Children may have some fear of invasive treatments, such as fillings. They also move around a lot, making it difficult for the dentist to safely use sharp tools. Children often do well with nitrous oxide inhaled through a mask. 

Adults may appreciate sedation dentistry to ease anxiety or to make invasive procedures more comfortable. You may also prefer sedation for cosmetic dentistry near me. An appointment for an intensive tooth repair may take a long time or become uncomfortable. The staff at Edge Dental can help you tolerate difficult dental treatment. 

Do dental clinics offer sedation for a dental cleaning?

Yes, if you find the cleaning stressful or painful, you can ask for sedation. This may help patients with sensitive gums, for example. Nitrous oxide is a good choice for this simple procedure since the effects wear off as soon as you remove the mask. 

What are some recent advancements in dental treatment?

Dental sedation is a recent advancement that helps nervous patients tolerate a variety of dental procedures. You can feel more relaxed while remaining conscious of your surroundings. 

General Anesthesia Dentist Near Me

If you need IV sedation for dental work, call your insurance company to find one on your plan. You can also look online for sedation dentistry near me. Routine dental care can help you maintain oral health. If you need help tolerating proper dental care, talk to a professional about sedation dentistry. Be sure to read about the dentist on their business website and check customer reviews. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations. 

How safe is sedation dentistry?

All medications and anesthesia carry risks. Your dentist should carefully review your allergies and medical history before using any form of sedation. 

Oral Sedation for Tooth Extraction

If you choose oral sedation, you may take the medication before you go to your appointment. This gives the medication time to work before your procedure. Ask a friend or family member to drive you to and from your dental visit. You can go home and rest after your procedure while the medication wears off. The professionals at Edge Dental can help you prepare for a tooth extraction. 

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry helps patients relax during their dental treatment. Some people may avoid dental treatment due to the discomfort. This can lead to poor dental health, and possibly the loss of a tooth. With sedation dentistry you can benefit from a more comfortable tooth repair. 

Find Dental Sedation Near Me

You can find a good dentist near me by asking friends and family for recommendations or you can also call your insurance company to find a sedation dentist on your insurance plan. You can also find a few dentists online that you like and call them to ask specific questions. Many cosmetic dentists also offer sedation options to keep patients comfortable during long procedures. You may have general anesthesia to have dental implants placed in your jaw, for example. You can call prospective dental offices to find out if they offer the procedure you want. 

Deciding on the Best Sedation Dentist Near Me

It is important to learn as much as possible about a dentist before making an appointment. You can easily find out about a sedation dentist by looking at their website. You can also read customer reviews or call the dental office to ask questions. Think about the different features you prefer. You may want a dentist that is near your home or office, for example. You may also like to visit an emergency dentist that has extended or weekend hours. 

Managing the Cost of Sedation for Dental Work

If you need an expensive sedation procedure, talk to your dental insurance company about coverage. Patients without dental insurance often receive a self-pay discount. Talk to the financial department at your dental office to find out about payment plans, as well. Many dentists set up payment plans with affordable monthly payments. 


Sedation dentistry can help you feel more comfortable during intense dental treatments. Sedation options often include inhaled nitrous oxide, oral medication, and intravenous medication. Your dentist can review your medical records to determine the best option for you. Patients should plan to have someone drive them to and from their appointment if they have oral or intravenous sedation. Patients should also discuss financial responsibilities before the procedure. This may include insurance coverage, self-pay discount, or a payment plan. Call Edge Dental to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation today.