Benefits of Invisible Fixed Braces for Adults

Adults may want to get braces to remedy teeth that have been crooked since childhood. Adults can choose discrete invisible braces so they can look more natural while receiving orthodontic care. Instead of basic metal braces, invisible braces may have clear or ceramic brackets. You may also get clear wires placed on the brackets. Your doctor can determine the best method for straightening your teeth

Talk to your Dentist About Invisible Fixed Braces

When you feel ready for teeth straightening treatment, talk to your dentist about the options. Tell your dentist you prefer clear or tooth-colored options. Patients with severe misalignment may have limited options. Most invisible options work well for minor cosmetic issues. A dental spa in Houston, Texas 77079 can help you prepare for orthodontic treatment. 

Your dentist can look over your dental records and x-rays to find out more about your orthodontic needs. You may find it convenient to begin the conversation during a routine exam. This way, your dentist near me can consider the best braces for you while examining your teeth. 

What are the teeth Straightening options for adults?

Adults with extremely crooked teeth, overbites, or underbites may need traditional metal braces. Less noticeable orthodontic options include clear braces, ceramic braces, or clear aligners. 

What is the use of braces for teeth?

Braces help close gaps and align crooked teeth. They can also remedy overbites and underbites. Misalignment can cause discomfort and speech problems. Some people get braces for cosmetic reasons, only. 

Clear Braces with Clear Wire

Your dentist may put a metal wire over clear brackets to make your braces less noticeable. This is because of the durability of metal wires. They also move teeth faster. If your doctor approves both clear bracket braces and clear wires, you can enjoy a more natural smile during treatment. You may get polycarbonate brackets or ceramic brackets. Both of these options make the brackets much less noticeable. This is especially important for adults that work in professional environments. The staff at Edge Dental can help you plan your teeth straightening treatment

Why should I go in for clear braces? 

Clear braces work well for older teens and adults that want to look their best. Teens may want to look their best for school pictures and dances. Adults may need to look nice for work. Some jobs require public speaking engagements, for example. 

Remedy Misaligned Teeth Clear Aligner

Clear aligners work well for mild cosmetic changes. Your dentist examines your teeth and takes an impression. You get a set of clear aligners that you wear at different stages during your treatment. During follow-up visits, your doctor checks the progress and can tell you when to change to a different set of aligners. 

Benefits of Clear Removable Braces

If you do not want to wear fixed braces, clear aligners may work best. You can take them out for about two hours a day. This gives you time to eat comfortably and clean your teeth. You may also prefer to take them out for photos or speaking engagements. It is also beneficial for your oral health to use clear plastic removable aligners.

You can brush and floss your teeth easily, helping to prevent decay and gum disease. You can also remove the aligners for routine dental visits. This may make cleanings and other procedures more comfortable. The professionals at Edge Dental can help you prepare for treatment with custom-fit clear aligners. 

What are the benefits of invisible braces

Invisible braces correct misalignment while remaining discrete. This works well for adults and older teens that prefer to look natural during treatment. 

Maintaining your Teeth with Clear Braces and Wire

It is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy during orthodontic treatment. You can get your teeth cleaned, even if you have fixed braces. The hygienist may remove the wires or use different tools to reach your teeth better. 

Food and bacteria can easily build up in your teeth while wearing braces.  Maintain your oral health during orthodontic treatment to prevent problems, such as decay, infection, and gum disease. Your dentist may recommend one or two extra cleanings per year while you wear braces. 

Find the Best Clear Braces for You

If you want invisible braces, talk to your dentist Houston about the options. Your dentist can help you learn about the clear braces for adults and other products used to straighten teeth. These may include clear aligners and traditional metal braces. You may need metal braces if you have severe orthodontic problems. 

Clear color braces can correct many problems, however. Dentists use ceramic braces for short- term orthodontic treatment on the front teeth. This is often a six-month-long treatment program. Clear aligners help many adults with minor cosmetic issues, as well. Start with a thorough dental exam at Edge Dental to get the best treatment plan for you. 

Affordable Clear Braces

You must think about your budget, as well, if you want clear teeth braces. If you have dental insurance, call and ask about coverage for straightening teeth. Many insurance companies choose to cover the least expensive option, or only a percentage of the total cost. Invisible braces cost more, leaving more of the cost for you to  deal with. 

If you do not have dental insurance, talk to your emergency dentist near me about a self-pay discount or payment plan. Customized payment plans help patients get treatment while staying on a budget. Monthly payments represent a type of payment plan. 


Adults can enjoy a new smile after treatment with invisible braces. You do not have to settle for crooked teeth, gaps, or overbites simply because you are older. Talk to your dentist about invisible braces if you prefer a more natural look while undergoing treatment. Many adults tolerate treatment with clear braces because they can still look their best at work or for special occasions. Make an appointment with Edge Dental to plan your best smile today.