How Long Does Fluoride Stay On Teeth

Fluoride has been a compound that is essential in maintaining oral health, building strong teeth and preventing cavities for ages. This has made it the main component in many teeth cleaning paste and even mouthwash. Fluoride helps maintain teeth health by fighting bacteria that can cause cavities or decays in a tooth, and also offering a protective layer around each tooth for protection.


How long does fluoride treatment last?

The fluoride treatment comes mostly in the form of varnish that is applied to the teeth and sticks to the teeth for a period of four to six hours before been washed away by brushing. However, during this time, the fluoride will have been absorbed into the teeth enamel and offer permanent protection for the meantime. The fluoride treatment is replied at least three to four times a year for effective fluoride treatment.


Fluoride treatment Houston

Tooth decay is caused by acid producing bacteria that settle around the teeth and gums to form a sticky film that covers the enamel causing it to decay. We can prevent this by brushing and following the right dental procedures will keep your teeth healthy. However to reinforce the strength and durability of the teeth fluoride treatment Houston can help you strengthen the teeth faster and better.


What is fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a professional dental treatment where a dentist applies a highly concentrated form of fluoride in the form of foam, gel, vanish or rinse with a swab, brush, tray to strengthen the enamel.

This permanent fluoride treatment has more fluoride than your regular toothpaste or water and only takes a couple of minutes for the enamel to absorb the fluoride unto its surface.


What are the fluoride treatment post-ops?

When you walk into our dental facility in Houston for a fluoride treatment, our dentist will check you up, and the fluoride treatment will be administered in one of the following of the means listed – rinse, varnish, foam or gel.

The procedure is performed in the doctor’s office immediately if you are a good candidate. A permanent fluoride treatment lasts 4 to 6 hours and after the swab.  The following guideline should, however, must be adhered too

  • You can’t brush or floss after the procedure
  • You cannot have hot beverages or food and drinks containing alcohol
  • You can chew on hard or crunchy food until the 6 hours is over
  • You can use any fluoride treatment three days after a procedure
  • You can brush and floss after the six-hour window is over, this oral cleaning process washes the residual fluoride off the teeth.


Who is viable for fluoride treatment?

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients

People on multiple medications that are affecting their teeth or the rate of fluoride absorption in their system

  • If you have a crown or old filling
  • People on high sugar or acid diet whose teeth are prone to decay
  • People who have high tooth sensitivity or have receding gums
  • People with removable oral fixtures
  • People suffering from excessive dry mouth
  • Patients with an eating disorder
  • People with high alcohol use
  • Lack of Vitamin C or poor eating habits
  • Patient undergoing any kind of oral treatment


What does fluoride treatment do?

The permanent fluoride treatment will prevent decay, kill bacteria that causes plaque, stops the breeding of bacteria that causes infection and reduce the volume of plaque on the teeth.


How much fluoride is the recommended dose?

When you come for a fluoride treatment in Houston, we follow the recommendation of the American Dental Association that stated that fluoride treatment should be done every 3, 6 or 12 months to ensure the fluoride film is strong and effective.

Most of the fluoride we need comes from the food we eat, water and vitamin supplements. Some foods that contain fluoride are fish, bones, water, tea, and some instant baby formula.

The recommended doses of fluoride are:

  • to 1.5mg for babies under 3 years
  • to 2.5mg for children between the ages of 4 to 6 years
  • 5 to 2.5mg for kids 7 to 10 years old
  • 5 to 4mg for adolescents and adults


Is fluoride treatment okay for kids under 3 years?

No, children under three can use fluoride-based toothpaste and should be supervised during brushing to avoid swallowing the paste but also ensure that they rinse properly. However, fluoride treatment can be administered to kids over 3 years that are prone to tooth decay or cavities and can be repeated at a good facility after a year since they are kids.


What are the benefits of fluoride treatments?

Please note that fluoride cannot remove decay but will create a stronger outer surface to your teeth to stop the decay from spreading into other sensitive parts of the teeth.

It also restores the minerals of the tooth/teeth that have been affected by bacteria

It inhibits the growth and multiplication that can harm the tooth or spread to another tooth to stop cavity and plaque.


Side effects of fluoride and fluoride treatments?

Fluoride treatments are concentrated forms of fluoride, but an overdose will lead to dangerous effects especially in children. Although fluoride poisoning is hard but with treatments like these reachable to most people, it is not far fetched if people overdose on it.

Some cons of fluoride are:

  • Weak dense bone structure
  • Staining on teeth
  • White specks on teeth especially in adults
  • In serious cases, people have been known to suffer from
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and in severe cases, it can lead to death.


Where to get the best permanent fluoride treatment in Houston

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