Sometimes a damaged tooth can become an emergency. You may have severe decay, infection, or a broken tooth. Emergencies often happen when patients delay dental care or due to injuries. If your tooth causes problems during normal business hours, your regular dentist may help you with an urgent appointment. Dentists prefer to save the tooth with repairs; however, you may need an immediate extraction for severely damaged teeth. Sometimes a dentist uses a filling, root canal, or crown to repair the tooth.  After a thorough exam, your dentist can determine if you need a tooth extraction.

Find Out if You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

If you suffer an injury or have pain in your tooth, call your dentist immediately. Tooth pain often stems from decay or infection. A chipped or broken tooth may also cause discomfort. Your tooth can also break if you have an impact to the face. Dentists prefer to save teeth with repairs when possible.

If a filling, root canal, or crown is not an option, your dentist may recommend tooth removal. A doctor may perform an emergency dental extraction if you have an impacted wisdom tooth or tooth broken under the gumline. Sometimes, young patients with a crowded mouth need a tooth extraction to prepare for orthodontic work, as well. Visit a dental spa in Houston to find out the best treatment plan for your tooth pain.

Is a Broken Tooth a Dental Emergency?

You may not need emergency care for a broken tooth. You should, however, call your dentist immediately and set up an appointment to get it evaluated. A broken tooth can lead to complicated dental problems if left untreated. Bacteria can get into the cracks and cause decay or infection, for example. Sharp edges can cut into your cheeks and tongue, as well. A tooth with severe decay or infection or broken at the root may result in emergency care.

Is There Another Option for me Other Than a Dental Extraction?

Dentists examine teeth thoroughly before performing a tooth extraction. Patients often get their teeth repaired with fillings, root canals, and crowns. In some cases, the tooth has too much damage to benefit from a repair, however.

Get Emergency Dental Advice

You can prepare for emergency dental care by talking to your general dentist. The experts at Edge Dental can answer questions about emergency dental services. Some dental offices work with patients for urgent appointments during business hours. Your dentist may also refer you to an emergency dental clinic for after-hours appointments. Your dentist, however, may also have a number to call after hours and an on-call doctor to assist you. Find out how your dental office handles emergencies, so you stay prepared for all situations.

How to Treat Pain Caused by a Broken Wisdom Tooth?

You may need a repair or extraction to ease the pain of a broken wisdom tooth. Call your dentist immediately if you have wisdom tooth pain, as many complications can cause pain in these teeth. Wisdom tooth removal remains a standard procedure due to infection, crowded mouths, and improper growth.

 What is a Dry Socket?

A blood clot forms in the hole left behind when you have a tooth extraction. Your dentist can give you instructions to help the clot stay in place for proper healing. If the clot dislodges, a dry socket happens. A dry socket may become very painful, requiring emergency dental care.

Learn About the Closest Emergency Dentist

If you need emergency dental care, you do not want to drive too far to get help. Look for an emergency dentist before you ever need one. You can learn more about an emergency dental clinic near me by looking online or calling your insurance company. Your general dentist may also offer emergency services. You can find out about services and payment options by looking at the dentist’s website or calling the office. The professionals at Edge Dental can answer your questions about emergency dental care.

Benefits of an Emergency Walk In Dentist Near Me

Walk-in dental clinics help patients get help for both regular care and emergencies. You may need to check online to find out how clinics in your area schedule appointments. Emergencies often happen after-hours, making it difficult to get care. A walk-in dental clinic makes dental care more convenient for the entire family. For example, you can simply go in for an appointment on your day off of work. Since emergencies happen with no warning, most designated urgent care dental clinics take walk-in patients.

Managing Emergency Dentist Tooth Extraction Cost

Talk to your insurance company to find out about your emergency care coverage. You may have a specific copay or percentage that gets covered. Emergency services often cost more than routine dental care. Ask the dental office about payment plans and self-pay discounts if you do not have dental insurance. With a payment plan, you may have manageable monthly payments to help you stay within your budget. Patients often use savings or credit cards to handle the costs, as well.


Take the time to find out about emergency dental care in your area. If you have severe pain or damage to your tooth, a dentist can determine the best treatment plan for your situation. You may need an immediate extraction if the dentist cannot repair it. Extractions often happen when patients have severe decay or a severely broken tooth. Call Edge Dental if you need urgent care for tooth pain or damage.