The Dental Implant Tooth Procedure

Dental patients with missing teeth may choose to replace their teeth with dentures or implants. Treatment with implants involves a surgical procedure. You must heal after your tooth loss before beginning the implant process. You may begin implant treatment by meeting with your oral surgeon for an exam and consultation. The implant specialist needs to check your oral health and bone density, as some patients need bone grafts before getting implants. Your first surgical appointment involves placing the implant post in your jaw bone. Several months later, you can get your new tooth. Talk to your dentist about the best tooth-replacement option for your lifestyle. 

Preparing for a Dental Implant Tooth

Many people lose their teeth due to decay or injury. After tooth extraction, the site must heal completely before beginning the tooth implant process. Visit your dentist for follow-up appointments after your extraction. It can take several months for the extraction site to heal. During this time, practice good oral hygiene to stay healthy for your dental implants. 

Once your dentist determines you can begin the dental implant procedure, you may need another exam and x-rays. A specialist at Edge Dental can help you get started with your new smile. The dentist performs x-rays to find out if the bone in your jaw can support dental implants. If you have good bone density, you may get to start the implant process quickly. If you need bone grafting, you must complete this process first. It can take anywhere from 3- 12 months for your new bone to fuse properly. 

Finding a Reputable Implant Dental Office

Start your implant journey by looking for a reputable dentist in your area. You may prefer to have a dentist near your home or office to make appointments more convenient. The entire single tooth dental implant procedure can take several months to complete. A dental center close by can make it easier to attend multiple appointments without missing a lot of work or school. Start your search for a dental center in Memorial City by searching dental offices online. Most dental websites offer information on services, payment options, and the staff. Research your dentist’s education and experience, as well. 

    Who can place a dental implant? 

An oral surgeon usually places dental implants. You can often find a full-service dental office that offers a variety of dental services, such as general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. 

Restoring Smile After Tooth Extraction Dental Implant

You may start thinking about replacement teeth soon after your extraction. Your dentist can help you decide on the best tooth-replacement option for your lifestyle. The decision may depend on different factors, such as your budget, comfort level, and oral health. If you choose dental implants near me, plan an exam and consultation with an oral surgeon. Attend all of your follow-up visits after your extraction to find out when your extraction site heals completely. 

Many patients simply need one dental implant to replace a damaged tooth. Some patients, however, need an entire mouth of new teeth. If you need a full set of implants, your doctor may recommend all-on-four implants. With all-on-four implants, the surgeon only places four posts in your jaw bone, however, these posts support an entire set of teeth. 

Talk to the professionals at Edge Dental to get started with your new smile. During the implant placement, the oral surgeon cuts through the gum line and places the implant in your jaw bone. During the next few months, your bone fuses to the implant, making it strong and permanent. The dentist then places your new tooth on the post. Dental implants look natural and work well for eating and talking. 

    How long do implants last?

Your dental implant can last a lifetime. Your bone regenerates around the implant, securing it in place permanently. The tooth attaches to the post. If the tooth becomes damaged, the dentist can easily replace this part of the implant system. 

Consultation with Dental Implant Dentist

During a consultation with your oral surgeon, you may discuss details such as bone grafts, anesthesia, and dental implants cost near me. During the consultation, you can also ask questions about the procedure and express concerns. You may also talk about recovery after the surgery and how to care for your dental implants. If your surgeon has some concerns about your oral health, you may get a treatment plan to follow before dental implants treatment. You may need gum disease treatment or a bone graft, for example. 

Good Candidates for Fixed Dental Implants 

Talk to your dentist after your extraction site heals to find out if dental implants may work well for you. Dentists look at overall dental and physical health before recommending dental implants. Healthy gums and sufficient bone mass play a part in supporting your new dental implants near me. Patients with minimal bone mass may still be able to get implants after a bone graft. If you have permanent damage from advanced periodontal disease, your dentist may not move forward with a dental implant. Patients can recover from the early stages of gum disease, however, making implants a possibility after treatment. 

    Is age a factor?

Age should not prevent you from getting dental implants. The dentist determines good candidacy by assessing oral health. Some health issues can make implants a poor choice for some individuals, however. A patient with diabetes, for example, may not heal well enough to undergo implant surgery. 

    How many implants do I need? 

If you only have one missing tooth, you need one dental implant. If you have an entire mouth of missing teeth, you may get all-on-four dental implants. With all-on-four implants, the dentist only places four implants in your mouth to support an entire set of teeth. Some patients may need several single implants in different areas of the mouth, 


You can enjoy a new smile after extraction with dental implants. You must wait until your extraction site heals before beginning the dental implant process. The oral surgeon places the dental implant in your jaw bone. Once the bone fuses to the implant, the dentist places your new tooth on the post. The entire process can take several months. Make an appointment with Edge Dental to get started with implants today.