Patients often get excited when it becomes time to replace their lost tooth. Your dentist can help you determine when to start the implant process. Make an appointment for a consultation with your implant dentist. You can expect to learn about the treatment plan and financing during this appointment. The entire implant process takes several months. The first appointment involves placing the implant in the jaw. You must wait 3-6 months before placing your new tooth on the implant. Patience is the key to having a beautiful new smile with implants. 

Finding a Dentist for the Best Dental Implants

When looking for the best dental implants, take the time to look online for the services you need. Many dentists. show their services and payment options on their business website. You can also learn about the staff and their credentials by looking through the website. Take time to check online reviews, as well. If you have dental insurance, you can call the company to find a dental implant specialist on your plan. 

Dental Implant Options

A dental implant specialist near me can help you prepare for tooth replacement. The mcosost common dental implants remain the endosteal implants. Your specialist can help you decide on the best variation for your situation. If you need teeth immediately to look proper for work, ask your doctor about dental implants in one day. While one-day implants leave you with temporary teeth, you can restore your smile immediately while waiting for the permanent option. 

If you only need one or two teeth, you can expect to have single implants with a surgical procedure to place them. Some people need an entire set of new teeth. All-on-four implants work well for these patients. You can get all new teeth with only 4 posts placed in your jaw bone. During your consultation, ask about the different procedures. Commonly, you have the implant surgically placed and then exposed 3-6 months later during another procedure. Some dentists place the abutment during the first procedure to avoid a second surgery. The experts at Edge Dental can help you prepare for your smile restoration with implants. 

    What are my tooth replacement options with dental implants? 

You must have a surgical procedure to place your dental implants. Talk to your doctor about options to have fewer surgical procedures. You may choose to have abutments placed during the first procedure, for example. You may also do well with all-on-four implants if you need a full set of teeth. 

Consultation with a Dental Implant Specialist Near Me

Visit your dentist regularly after a tooth loss to find out when you can start the replacement teeth process. A full-service dental center in Memorial City can help you prepare for your tooth restoration. You should have a consultation before scheduling your first surgical implant procedure. During this consultation, ask questions to better understand the treatment process. You can also find out more about financial planning and healing time.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants work well for patients that want a natural-looking tooth replacement. Good candidates for dental implants heal well after a tooth loss. Once you complete the dental implant process, you have a durable prosthetic tooth. This can help improve your comfort, eating, and speech. Many patients also have renewed self-esteem after implant placement. 

    Are dental implants noticeable?

All tooth replacement options are meant to give you a natural-looking smile. Implants, however, mimic real teeth very well. You may notice a slight color or texture difference if you look closely. Cosmetic specialists work to make your new teeth match your existing teeth, however. 

Getting Started with A Dental Implant Specialist

To get started with a specialist, look online or call your insurance company. Take the first step by making an appointment for a thorough exam. Your dentist needs to make sure you have healed properly before undergoing implant surgery. In some cases, patients need a bone graft before receiving implants. This happens if your bone cannot support the implant. 

After you get cleared for the implant placement, you can schedule your consultation and plan the surgery. You must attend follow-up visits to check the bone growth around the implant. This process can take 3-6 months. Some patients need a second procedure to open up the gums and add the abutment. If you have an exposed abutment, you can receive your new tooth without another surgical procedure. 

    Are dental implants safe?

All medical procedures carry a degree of risk. Dental implant restoration involves a surgical procedure with various options for sedation. Sedation may include general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or conscious sedation. Talk to your dentist about the risks and benefits of sedation choices. 

Paying for Dental Implants Near me

Working with dental implant doctors can lead to high medical bills. Talk to your dental office or insurance company to find out if you have coverage for the treatment. Many insurance companies decline payments for cosmetic procedures. Dentists often offer self-pay discounts and payment plans for implants, however. 


You can find the best dental implants near me by checking online or talking to your insurance company. Look online for services in your area and check reviews to find out more about customer service. Most dental websites also offer information about the staff, such as education and experience. When you get ready for implants, inquire about insurance coverage and financing, as well. Your dentist can make sure your mouth heals properly after a tooth loss. Once your oral health remains in good condition, you can schedule your surgical consultation. During this consultation, you can expect to learn more about the procedure and timeline. The entire implant treatment takes several months. If you need a bone graft you can expect to heal for up to two months before implant placement. Waiting for the bone to grow around your implant takes about 3-6 months. When your implant remains secure, your dentist exposes the implant and adds an abutment. Your new tooth is the last step. With a reputable specialist and some patience, you can enjoy a beautiful new smile with implants.


The dental implant process takes several months to complete. At the end of the treatment, however, you have a natural-looking replacement tooth. You can enjoy an improved appearance, easier eating, and better speech when you replace missing teeth. Talk to your dentist about restoring your smile after tooth loss. Make an appointment with a professional at Edge Dental today.