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Disadvantages of Dental Bonding

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When Should You Get Dental Bonding


  You should never feel down because of your smile. However, if your smile makes you sad, it is time to fix it with cosmetic dental bonding. The procedure usually involves bonding a resin material the shape of your tooth to it to create a more appealing look. Teeth bonding are necessary for fixing damaged [...]

When Should You Get Dental Bonding2019-05-20T01:27:06-06:00

Are There Differences Between Dental Bonding And Veneers


  Off the bat, veneers and bonding are two different ways to achieving the best smile ever, but is there a difference you need to know about? There are no completely perfect teeth in nature, people just have teeth that fit their mouth, but if you have a defect that actually affects the way your [...]

Are There Differences Between Dental Bonding And Veneers2019-05-20T01:15:28-06:00