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Dental Crowns Near Me – Dentist In Houston, Tx


  Are you searching for a perfect dental clinic near you, where you can find the best dental crowns? Search no more, because, at Edge Dental Houston, we offer a comprehensive and affordable dental care to our patients in our various dental offices. Our patients always receive the best treatment plan from our knowledgeable hygienists, [...]

Dental Crowns Near Me – Dentist In Houston, Tx2021-05-12T04:56:17-06:00

How Painful Is A Tooth Extraction


  People who have once had significant issues with their teeth would likely tell you how hard experience, it is. For most times, you’ll have a teeth removal, if your tooth has undergone excess structure damage or debilitating decay. Usually, tooth extraction is that stage in dental care, when the only remedy for the prevailing [...]

How Painful Is A Tooth Extraction2020-12-02T03:56:20-06:00

How Long Does a Fluoride Treatment Last?


How Long Does Fluoride Stay On Teeth Fluoride has been a compound that is essential in maintaining oral health, building strong teeth and preventing cavities for ages. This has made it the main component in many teeth cleaning paste and even mouthwash. Fluoride helps maintain teeth health by fighting bacteria that can cause cavities or [...]

How Long Does a Fluoride Treatment Last?2022-02-17T02:17:06-06:00

What to Avoid Eating With a Crown


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap perfectly designed to fit over your natural tooth to restore its strength, size, and appearance. If you are suffering from extensive tooth damage due to dental decay or trauma, a dental crown can be a perfect tooth restoration procedure to fortify your tooth. The dental crowns will be [...]

What to Avoid Eating With a Crown2022-03-16T22:08:26-06:00
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