A lot of people have concerns when it comes to dental implants and foremost among these concerns are the cost. You may have been thinking of getting a dental implant due to a tooth defect and may have been having these worries as well. Before we delve into the costs of implants though, let’s first talk about dental implants in itself.

A dental implant is a reliable form of tooth restoration in which a metal screw is inserted into the jawbone where a tooth would normally have been. The screw will in time bind with the bone tissue and serve as base support for a false tooth otherwise known as a dental crown. The results obtained from fixing implants are usually dependable and long-lasting.

Now back to the costs of dental implants in Houston TX. The cost can’t be fixed however as it varies depending on a number of factors such as location or the number of implants you’d be requiring. Implants could go for as low as $3000 to as high as $20000. Your Oral Surgeon in Houston can help you out with a great payment plan.

Some Techniques of Dental Implants

Carried out in an oral surgery implant center, where a small incision is made in the gum which then exposes the bone so that a dental drill can then be employed to shapen the site where the abutment screw will be inserted into the jawbone. The procedure can however be in one or two stages, but this depends on what the specific case of the patient is.

  •        One Stage Procedure – This is a straight procedure where the implant is inserted into an already  prepared site after which it is covered with a healing cap.
  •        Two-Stage Procedure – It is performed when bone density is perceived to be lower than normal.

FAQs About Dental Implants Houston

Will I be in pain during or after getting a dental implant?

Yes, you are most likely to feel a measure of pain when getting a dental implant inserted. This is because your dentist will have to make some incisions in your gum before the implant can be inserted. However it has been reported by some that the pain is not as much as that of tooth removal.

You may as well experience some discomfort and pain lasting up to 10 days after the procedure is concluded. Your emergency dentist can however prescribe some pain killers to make the experience more comfortable for you. There might be a bit of swelling as well but expect it to reduce within 3-5 days. The pain should last up to a week but is not expected to surpass 10 days.

How strong are dental implants compared to real teeth?

While natural teeth are the best, dental implants are actually in some ways, stronger than real teeth. This is because they are made of titanium which is adjudged to be one of the strongest metal on earth. Also they cannot get decayed unlike the natural tooth structure. Although people can still experience problems with dental implants.

What is the best alternative for teeth implants?

Dentures and dental bridges are both viable alternatives to dental implants, however dental bridges are usually preferred to dentures. This is because they are usually fixed in place so you don’t have to have fear that they may become loose at any point in your mouth. This is a reason why you may feel more comfort with bridges compared to dentures. Also, since it’s permanent, there would be no need to take them out which in turn reduces the chances of you losing the dental bridges or accidentally damaging them.

What is the procedure for securing dental implants?

When getting an implant, the implant which is in most cases made of titanium is placed into your jaw via surgery by a dentist or some other dental specialist including an oral surgeon. These implants which are screw-like will be inserted into your jawbone as the purpose they serve is to imitate the root of the tooth.

What’s the advantage of metal free dental implants?

Some of the benefits of dental implants which are metal free includes: Improved healing – Usage of metal free or Zirconia implants requires just a one-stage procedure which doesn’t have to be placed so deeply into the jawbone. Another is that even in patients with very high sensitivity, it can be tolerated quite easily because of its biocompatible composition.

How much do teeth in a day implants cost?

On an average, the price for the Teeth in a Day procedure begins at $18,599. This of course, may not not be cheap, but when you consider the average price of around $2,499 for the replacement of a single tooth with a dental implant, you may appreciate it’s cost effectiveness.

Who should opt for dental implant?

Most the time if a person is in good health, at least healthy enough for an oral surgery or a routine dental extraction, such a person will be fit enough to undergo a dental implant. Also your gums as the patient must be healthy with enough bone mass to support the implant. Consequent regular visits to the dentist near me in Houston and maintaining a good hygiene is a factor.

Where should I get best dental implants service?

Have you been thinking, where can I get the best dental implant services near me? Then look no further as Edge Dental which is a Houston Oral Surgery Implant Center can offer you all these services and more to give you that perfect new teeth. A treatment plan will be set for you which may help to defray some of the cost of dental implants Houston for you.

What is the recovery time for dental implants?

On an average, the recovery process after undergoing dental implant surgery ranges from between 2 months to 6 months, although, it can have a wide variance from patient to patient. The reason for such variance is because, there are different factors which can affect how long it may take for you as the patient to recover following surgery.


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