A bruxism mouth guard is a tool used to protect the teeth of people suffering from bruxism – teeth grinding. It is also regarded as one of the sleep disorders. There are two major kinds of this mouth guards; the dental mouth guard and mouth splint. A dental mouth guard is made either from rubber or plastic material by your dentist in a way to fit into your mouth. These sleeping mouths guards are similar to the ones used by boxers. It is not out of place to get these dental mouths guards from a local pharmacist; it just might not fit into your mouth as the custom-made ones would.

While a dental mouth guard is made of rubber or plastic, a mouth splint is made from a stronger plastic compared to that of the dental mouth guards; showing durability difference. The mouth splint fits exactly over the upper or lower teeth. They are more efficient and effective than the dental mouth guard in terms of lowering the signs associated with teeth grinding. As regards the cost of these two teeth grinding guards, the mouth splint is more expensive than the dental mouth guards; lasting longer than it as well. The dental mouth guards may last for less than a year, while the mouth splits last for several years.

The mouth guard serves as a layer that is cushioned between the upper and lower teeth as a source of protection for the jaw muscles in case of extreme tension. Aside the preventing the symptoms of bruxism, the mouth guard assists in the reduction of your teeth grinding and clenching.

Invisalign Teeth Grinding

Invisalign can be beneficial in several ways, one of which is that it aligns your teeth, in turn, protects your smile from sleep bruxism. Invisalign makes it possible for patients suffering from the temporomandibular joint disorder to have a better boil and bite, as much as it alleviates the side effects of teeth grinding.

Fucked Up Braces

It is possible to get bad braces that could result in having some messed up teeth. In cases such as this, we recommend you go for a second braces treatment and a more efficient one at that. This is usually referred to as ‘dental compensations’. The main intention for Orthodontic treatment is to spread crowded teeth evenly among the teeth.

FAQs About Bruxism Mouth Guard

Does sleep guard stop night time jaw clenching?

More often than not, bruxism can be treated just by wearing a night guard before going to bed. It does this by lightening up the tension around the jaw muscles. In turn prevent pain in the face and jaw, as much as it protects the enamel of your teeth.

What are some treatments to cure bruxism?

Many at times bruxism treatments are not always needed to cure bruxism. However, the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen can be taken to relieve the pain or swelling that might have occurred due to bruxism. Some suggestions like taking a muscle relaxant before going to bed might be given by your GP.

Do I really need a night guard for bruxism?

The night guards do not stop the teeth grinding; they only serve as a cushion for the teeth. So when you grind your teeth at night, the teeth wear down the night guards in place of your teeth. Therefore it is important to use a night guard for bruxism.

Why are dental mouth guards for dentists so expensive?

The reason is that the dentists make the dental mouth guards by themselves in a ‘customized fit’ pattern to match your teeth and the way you move your jaw. Why the night guards sold in local drug stores are cheaper is because they are less effective compared to the customized fit ones.

How much is a custom fit mouth guard?

The cost of each customized fit mouth guard ranges between $300 and $500. It’s a more expensive choice, as you will be paying for both the mouth guard itself and the work done by the dentists to take a mold of your teeth. The mouth guard alone could cost less than $200.

How to prevent bruxism?

You can use these methods to handle bruxism:

  •       Wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding
  •       One of the common teeth grinding causes is stress. So it is important to take some time to work out, as exercise helps to reduce stress.
  •       We advise you to take a warm bath before going to bed at night.
  •       Take some reasonable time to relax
  •       Go for some massaging session at times
  •       Abstain from caffeine and alcoholic substances
  •       Try imbibing new habits
  •       Get help and advice from your dentist.

How often should I replace my night guard for teeth grinding?

The generally accepted rule for mouth guards is that they will need to be replaced after every few years. But we advise you to change your mouth guard once every 6 to 8 months or as required. Also, it is necessary to allow the mouth guard to dry completely after washing to prevent bacteria invasion upon it.

My jaw pops every time I open my mouth. What is wrong?

Something is wrong. It may be traced to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) or by other closely related problems. You have to visit a dentist to explain this situation of clicking or grinding sounds when you open your mouth or possibly get a night guard for TMJ. A perfect option is Edge Dental Houston.

How to cure myself of sleep bruxism?

Curing sleep bruxism may not be necessary at times. If the situation is a severe one, certain medications can be prescribed to reduce pain in the jaw muscles and tooth damage, such as the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen to relieve the pain or swelling that might have occurred due to bruxism. Some suggestions like taking a muscle relaxant before going to bed might be given by your GP.

Can I use a night guard as retainers?

It’s dependent on the type of night guard you intend to wear. Most times a soft night guard in place of a retainer will be of no importance. But it is not out of place to use a hard night guard in place of a retainer. We advise you to use retainers during the day or a couple of nights for a week to ensure your teeth are firm.

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