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Deep Gum Cleaning: When it Becomes Necessary


Deep Gum Cleaning for Gum Disease Deep cleaning can help reverse gum disease. It is important to visit your dentist regularly to prevent gum disease. If you adhere to a routine exam schedule, your dentist can also catch gum disease in its early stages. Your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning once you get [...]

Deep Gum Cleaning: When it Becomes Necessary2021-05-12T04:40:16-06:00

Is Lanap Surgery Effective?


  Lanap is an acronym for Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure, a surgical therapy for gum disease treatment. Lanap Laser Therapy is meant to get rid of disease or infected pocket from the tissues beneath the teeth. Recently, there have been some controversial issues related to the usage of Lanap Laser Therapy. This article justifies the [...]

Is Lanap Surgery Effective?2022-03-05T00:23:55-06:00
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