Edge Dental Houston performs all forms of denture conditions, including partial dentures Houston and full dentures. This dental treatment is meant to help patients who are suffering from failing or missing teeth, or those who are sad about their non-replacement teeth or ill-fitting dentures.

At Edge Dental Houston, we have professional cosmetic dentists in Houston, Texas, who have gotten special training and techniques to give our patients the best dental implants surgery that results in a beautiful new smile. Some other cosmetic dentists may take multiple dental surgeries and procedure to give their patients the actual results they need. At Edge Dental Houston, our professional dental team performs an All-on-Four procedure without hitches – what is termed ‘teeth in a day’. As the name implies, you can go through dental surgery in one day.

Some of the happiest patients we treat are those who undergo the All-on-Four dental implants. Living with removable partial dentures and the problems associated with it is something they no longer experience. This has given them the leverage to speak, eat, and enjoy life’s activities, as regards oral health, without bothering about their teeth shifting or falling out.

So, if you’re experiencing such a problem as removable partial or complete dentures, your initial move is to log on to our website, https://www.edgedentalhouston.com/ and book an appointment with us online so we can give you the best dental implant treatment that with restoring your oral health completely.

Teeth In A Day Houston

With our All-on-Four implant-supported denture procedure at Edge Dental Houston, patients who are experiencing even the worst case of the removable denture can achieve a beautiful smile in just one day. It has been proven by the FDA-approved system that this method of treatment has been highly successful in the restoring of missing teeth; with the use of just four titanium implants, we can secure a fixed set of unnatural teeth. Our cosmetic dentists carry out this treatment by positioning the dental implants in the jaw and two at an angle outside the jaw. By tilting the dental implants, the need for a bone graft is eliminated, and strength is added to the implants.

The All-on-Four dental implant procedure we offer is significant to patients who need of quick and effective tooth replacements, partial dentures, or complete dentures. For patients who are to undergo the traditional dental implants, they will have to wait for about six months for the implants to completely fuse into the jawbone before putting the final and permanent appliance into place. But with the use of the All-on-Four system, the need to wait that long is eliminated, hence the fixing of the replacement teeth is done in just one day.

FAQs about Partial Dentures Houston

What’s better Dental Implant or Partial Denture?

When you refer to better dental implants or removable partial denture, then you’re referring to a resin-bonded bridge, which looks and functions better than the removable partial dentures and lasts as long as dental implants.

What are my Denture Options with just Upper Canines remaining?

It’s a good thing you still have your canines, as they will serve as natural implants for you.

A ‘Tooth Supported Overdenture’ can be a bright option you can opt-in for – they provide an additional advantage of retention with minimal cost,, hence we are not going for opting for some dental implants.

Other options that can be useful are; flexible denture, an acrylic denture with retention clasps, or cast partial denture.

How to get a Dentist to pull all my Teeth and give me Dentures?

One of the ways by which you can successfully come out of regular severe tooth-aches or some other terrible tooth encounters is to undergo partial or complete dentures. Other procedures may not be very efficient, particularly when it involves a different tooth. Get the perfect full dentures at Edge Dental Houston.

How does it feel to wear Partial Dentures?

Yeah, sure, it will be a whole new experience wearing partial dentures. You may feel as though you’ve got some foreign objects in your mouth – a restricting sensation, awkwardness in the sound of your speech, heaviness in the lips, challenges with chewing and eating.

What is the difference between Dental Implants and Dentures?

Dental implants refer to tooth replacement roots, which substitute the roots of the natural teeth; permanent. Dentures, on the other hand, are simply a replacement for the missing natural teeth, which can be taken out of the mouth at any given time.

What is a Temporary Partial Denture Flipper?

The temporary partial denture flipper, also called acrylic removable partial denture, is regarded as a form of temporary denture that fills in the space in your smile when carried out successfully. This denture consist has a retainer of one or more prosthetic teeth attached to it, to replace missing front teeth.

Can a Dentist extract Good Teeth?

At Edge Dental Houston, our cosmetic dentistry will carry out a thorough investigation of your gums, teeth, and mouth before performing a tooth extraction. This is very significant for us to do, so you don’t have to worry about losing a good tooth. However, if the need to take out any of your teeth arises, our dentists will ensure the surgery is done with no pain experienced – carrying out the tooth replacement afterward.

What is the Best Alternative for Tooth Implants?

Some of the best alternatives you could go for are:

  •       Same Day Dentures
  •       Mini Implants
  •       Removable Complete Denture
  •       All-on-Four
  •       Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge
  •       Removable Partial Denture
  •       Resin-Bonded Bridge

Does Repeated Scaling damage our Teeth?

Scaling is one of the ways by which your teeth can be protected from infection and loosening of the gums, which can, ultimately, lead to pyorrhoea and tooth loss. Scaling is considered as a safe way to take care of your teeth and must be carried out by a professional.

Dentist In Houston Near Me

If you’re one who is wondering where you can get a perfect treatment for your removable partial denture to restore your oral health, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Edge Dental Houston, we carry out full denture surgeries, as well as same day dentures (teeth in a day Houston) in a comfortable and luxurious environment so you can receive the best dental care from our knowledgeable and dedicated cosmetic dentists.

You always find us wherever you’re located and get your appointment registered online. Visit https://www.edgedentalhouston.com/ for more information.