A beautiful smile matters. Dentures Houston avails you the privilege to express your smile with exceptional teeth on display.   Houston dentures offer a variety of dental care solutions.  Denture center Houston provides oral health support to the residence of the Houston community and beyond. At Houston dentures, you’re sure to have the best dental and denture implants.

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Edge dental Houston is the best place to have dental care, either dentures or dental implants. We are committed and delighted in helping you restore your smile and confidence. We are readily equipped for full mouth dental implants, single tooth implant, or several teeth dental implants. Irrespective of your dental condition we can remedy it again.

FAQS about Dentures Houston

What is the difference between dental implants and dentures?

There are lots of differences between dental implants and denture teeth. The dental implants are permanent surgical fixtures joined to the root of the jaws bone. The dental implant is usually supported by a dental prosthesis and The dental implant is strong and firm like natural teeth and can be used to chew any kind of food substance. Over time as the implant heals, it becomes fully rooted to the jawbone. Furthermore, unlike the denture teeth, it provides maximum speech

Comfort and boasts your smiling confidence with its natural look.  Also, the implant is more durable and accurate to the dentures. The denture implant, on the other hand, is also called the false teeth. They are made with prosthetic devices meant to replace missing teeth. Dentures teeth are most likely made of plastic materials and are easily removed. They help in the pronunciation of words, most especially words associated with fricatives and sibilants. They also provide support to the check and lips and modifies the appearance of the face. However, maintaining a denture tooth is quite cumbersome as it requires constant removal and cleaning process. Also, the dentures teeth don’t agree with all kind of food substance, such as sticky food and hard food.

Where can I find affordable dentures in Houston Texas?

Are you looking for affordable dentures implants services with comfort and dignity within Houston in Texas? Edge Dental Houston dental care service is the place to be for an excellent denture implant. We have a wide range of denture implant services that would keep you smiling all the way. We understand how important a tooth is and how badly your smile would look without the best set of teeth.  That’s why we take extra careful procedures to provide the best and low-cost solutions as regards denture implants. At our denture center Houston, we can transform that glumly face with a more radiant smile with just the right solution. We use only long-lasting materials with a team of professionals to address any situation you may have at an extremely affordable price.

How much do teeth in a day implants cost?

Losing a tooth is quite a delicate dental experience, and you may be considering how expensive an implant would cost. The cost of the teeth implant is simply dependent on the nature of surgery done on the teeth. Also, there are several factors to be considered to get the accurate price of an implant. However, the standard price for teeth in a day implant is about $18, 599.  Having the best implant could be quite expensive. But, it cannot be compared with the comfort and joy it gives to smile with the right set of teeth.

What are my dentures options with just upper crannies remaining?

It’s good if you still have your crannies they could serve as normal implants for you. Also, you can do a tooth-supported overdenture; this has the advantage of retention. Also, you can go for a flexible debenture, cast partial debenture or acrylic denture with clasps for retention also. Better still you can remove the crannies and make a complete coverage debenture.

What are the pros and cons of snap-on dentures?

Snaps on debentures are more reliable and stable compared to the normal debentures. They are implants that can make one eat well and look great with a fitted teeth implant. Though, they are meant to be removed twice daily to wash the mouth. For great and natural teeth, snaps on debentures could be the best option. However, it has some pros and cons which will be outlined below.


Snaps on debentures look natural and great like real teeth when they are fixed

Snaps on debentures are highly durable and provide security to the jaw. Also, even with a newly fixed snap on dentures, it allows you the advantage and function of normal teeth.

Another quality of the snap-on debentures is the fact that it doesn’t wear down the gum.

Also, snap-on dentures improve your oral health through the orthodontic option, which helps in stimulating the root of the teeth.

Also, snaps on dentures are very easy to replace and equally permit you to chew food freely.


Snap-on dentures implant is placed through a surgery. It is usually very expensive compared to other debenture implants.

Snap on debentures has some eating impediments, on certain food such as hard or sticky foods. Also, it could lead to speech impediment for some patients.

How does it feel to wear partial debentures?

Wearing a debenture may feel awkward and strange in your mouth at first. You could also have some sort of weird dental experience and sensation when trying to produce some sounds. However partial debentures are more firm than the normal full denture. Partial debentures are usually fitted through special claps and they either be in a permanent form or can be easily removed.

What’s better dental implant or partial debenture?

They are both good depending on your teeth condition and your choice of dental care. However, Dental implant is a more befitting teeth replacement for patients with healthy gums and jaws. This is because implants give a strong foundation for either permanent or removable teeth which are meant to match your normal teeth. Implants can last for several decades if properly maintained. Furthermore, unlike the debentures, dental implants don’t cause speech impediment and accept all kind of food.

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