Are you in Houston and want to undergo cosmetic dentistry, such as porcelain veneers procedure, teeth whitening treatment, etc. or other general dentistry such as dental implant, root canal treatment, etc.? You need the service of the best dentist office near me in Houston with many years of experience.


If you are determined to undergo any dental procedure, you would want to be sure that your dental health is in safe hands, and the money and time you would invest in the treatment are well spent. Hence, how do you go about choosing the best dentist near me in Houston for your dental procedure?

Best Implant Dentist in Houston

It is very important to note the years of experience and level of training of the dentist in Houston, Tx who will conduct the dental implant procedure, which always varies with dentists. Actually, only about 10% of the total general dental professionals have undergone the required dental training to be the best dentist in Houston.

There are lots of dental professionals in Houston area, who claim to offer dental implant procedures, but in the real sense, this is not their accredited area of dentistry and they are presently not considered a specialist in dental implant treatment.

It is, therefore, advisable for you to find out if the dentist in Houston, TX has gotten necessary and adequate training and experience to insert dental implants.  The recent developments in dental implant technology have caused drastic changes in the materials, design, and treatment delivery of the dental implant. As a result, dental professionals may have different levels of experience and knowledge in implantology.

So, just like you would before any other surgical procedure, you need to carry out your research properly to find the top dentists in Houston. More so, speak to other dental implant patients to get reviews and recommendation about the dentist in Houston TX.

Questions to Ask Black Dentist in Houston about His or Her Dental Implant Experience

The following questions can help you to determine the best black dentist in Houston. Don’t forget to listen carefully to the answers the dentist gives to these questions:


  •  How long have you been inserting dental implants?
  •  How many dental implants procedures do you carry out each year?  A well-trained implant dentist should insert about 100 or more each year. At least, the dentist should be inserting dental implants on a regular basis.
  •  What is the success rate of your dental implant procedures?  Actually, the dental implant has a success rate of about 95%.  This rate may be lower for the less experienced dental practitioners.
  •  Do you offer a warranty for your dental implants procedures?
  •  What is the extent of your formal training in implantology?  You may do well to specifically ask for the names of the dental courses, their duration, the dates enrolled and graduated, and where they were enrolled.
  •  Are your qualifications supported or endorsed by any professional associations?
  •  How many bone grafting or sinus lifting procedures have you performed?
  •  Can you handle complex or difficult dental cases or do you refer them to a specialized dentist?
  •  How do you handle complications during implant procedures?
  •  Have you undertaken any dental implant education course in the last two years? Ensure that the dentist has current achievements.
  •  Ask to speak to other patients they had conducted dental implant for about their implant treatment.  Stories, experience, and feedback about implant treatment can go a long way in determining if he or she is the best implant dentist in Houston.
  •  Ask to see before and after photos of previous implant procedures.  Ensure that it is the dentist’s own dental work that you are looking at.
  •  Finally, read up on dental implant and its procedure to have personal knowledge on how the procedure works.

FAQs about Dentist in Houston

Which is the best cosmetic Dental Clinic available in Pune?

According to my past experiences with many cosmetic dentists in Pune, I would recommend Edge Dental as one of the best cosmetic dental clinics in Pune providing cosmetic dentistry treatments and other advanced dental procedures like dental implants and root canal treatment at very reasonable prices.

How to Know If I Have Cavities?

Cavities, also known as dental caries, can be detected at home if you notice the following symptoms – bad taste in your mouth, spontaneous pain/toothache, unnecessary tooth sensitivity, mild to sharp pain when biting down, eating or drinking, black or brown stain on the teeth, visible hole in the teeth, etc. Untreated cavities can lead to tooth loss.

What Is The Best Dental Clinic In The United States?

Are you looking for the best dental clinic in Houston, TX, for dental implants and other dental procedure treatments? Edge Dental Houston is the best and affordable clinic that helps everyone with their dental problems.

Where Can I Find Affordable Dentures In Houston TX?

Do you want to replace those missing teeth of yours and bring back that smile with affordable dentures in Houston, TX? Edge Dental Houston offer affordable dentures procedures and the dental team will help to restore your confidence and smile.

Who Is The Best Dental Implant Dentist In India?

  1. JUSTIN LAI is one of the best dental implant dentists in India. Do you need the service of the best dental implant dentist in India? Visit Edge Dental.

What Is The Best Dentist Office In Houston?

Hedge Dental Houston is one of Houston’s best dental offices. Edge Dental Houston provides Cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, general dentistry and advanced dental treatments in Houston TX.


How to Get Dental Treatment for a Reasonable Price in the USA?

There are many dental offices in the Houston area but Edge Dental Houston is a better suggestion for those who want to get quality dental treatment at a reasonable price in the USA.

Why Are Good Dentists Hard To Find?

Finding a good dentist is hard, and finding one is dependent on the area or country you’re located. For instance, if you’re in Houston, there are a number of expert dentists you can get, though they are not as good as DR. JUSTIN LAI of Edge Dental.

What Is The Difference Between An Oral Surgeon And A DDS?

A DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) is simply someone who had completed 4 to 5 years of higher education to become a dentist. While an oral surgeon, on the other hand, is an advanced surgical specialist who had obtained a DDS degree and yet undergone a medical degree (MD) too.


If you need more articles that provide some information on the best dentist in Houston or if you have further questions about the best dentist in Galleria Houston, visit Edge Dental Houston.