A dental crown is one of the tools for dental restoration. It is also referred to as a dental cap. It is used to cap or encircle a dental implant or tooth completely. These dental crowns are of different colours, such as the regular white, silver and gold. Most times, the need for dental crowns arises when there is a threat from the large cavity on the overall health of a tooth. Dental cement is most often used for the bonding of the tooth to the dental crown. Dental crowns are prepared from several materials, usually from the indirect invention. To improve the strength and look of a natural tooth, we employ the use of dental crowns. Although the use of these dental crowns can be of great benefits, the cost and procedure require a lot of money.

Cosmetic dentists commonly use a dental impression of an already made tooth to prepare a dental crown outside of the mouth; afterwards, the insertion can then be done at a subsequent dental appointment. The use of the indirect method of tooth restoration can result in the use of strong restorative materials that will require time-consuming fabrication, intense heat, such as firing porcelain crowns or casting metals, which may not be completely achieved inside the mouth. The whole visible portion of a tooth that lies above the gum line is completely encased when the dental crowns are cemented into place.

Why are dental crowns really needed?

To answer this question, let’s outline some situations where dental crowns are needed. Some situations where dental crowns may be needed include:

  •       To protect a weak tooth from decaying or breaking.
  •       To hold a cracked tooth together.
  •       To revive a tooth that has already broken or a tooth that has worn down.
  •       To give support to a tooth with a large dental filling, particularly when there are only a few teeth left.
  •       To bond a dental bridge together in one place.
  •       To hide severely discolored teeth.
  •       To enclose a dental implant.
  •       To make a cosmetic adjustment.

 Crown Dental Houston, Tx

Everyone deserves to smile with confidence. For folks who may have lost the beauty of their smile, crown dental is the step to take. There are several crown dental centres in Houston, TX, but getting a perfect dental implant is quite expedient. At Edge Dental Houston, we offer all kinds of cosmetic dental procedures.

The procedures are a safe and predictable means to fix cracked tooth or replace one or more lost teeth.

FAQs about Dental Crowns Houston

How much is a Dental Crown?

The cost is dependent on your cosmetic dentist or location. The précised cost for a dental crown is based on the type of material the dental crown is made up of.

 Can you get a Crown without a Root Canal?

In some cases, those who may need a dental crown may not need a root canal. You will only need a root canal if the cavity is so deep that it reaches the pulp of the tooth; the point where the nerve is found. This is a case that requires a dental filling.

What are the Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns versus Bridge?

Dental Crowns


Dental crowns made at Edge Dental Houston offer stability, strength and structure to broken or damaged teeth. Our dental crowns protect a cracked or worn tooth, fix a tooth after a root canal is done or hide a large cavity. They can replace missing teeth altogether.


Dental crowns consume time, and they can be destructive as well compared to a dental filling. Your tooth may be at risk of tooth sensitivity and infection if the dental crown is not properly place. Dental crowns require a strong jawbone to anchor to.

Dental Bridges


With our dental bridges at Edge Dental Houston, we can carry out a perfect surgery on patients who don’t have strong and sturdy jaw bone or patients who are not healthy enough for surgery.


Dental bridges require the surrounding teeth to be strong, as they could be quite destructive to them. They’re pretty difficult to clean, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

Which Lasts Longer, High Quality Crowns or Natural Teeth?

You must know that dental crowns are vulnerable to the cavity, similar to your natural teeth. It all depends on your oral hygiene habits. From our research, if you take care of your oral health, the dental crowns will last a long deal for you. If you don’t, well, the dental crown won’t last that long. This is why you need a good cosmetic dentist who can get your teeth prepped perfectly.

What is the procedure for securing dental implants?

To carry out the dental implant process, oral surgery is required. This is done while the patient is sedated. A small hole will be drilled in the jawbone and the base of the dental crown will be screwed carefully into the bone by the cosmetic dentist during the surgery. The implants will then be covered with the gum so that it can heal.

How can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve your Smile?

It is the job of a cosmetic dentist to carry out cosmetic dental procedures to improve your oral health, as well as your smile. This can be done through the following process: Teeth whitening, straightening and alignment and replacing missing teeth.

How strong are dental implants compared to real teeth?

Due to the nature of the material used for this dental procedure, the dental implants happen to be much stronger than a natural tooth. The dental implants are made of titanium; one of the hardest material on earth. However, the hardness of the material is not a total guarantee that certain problems won’t be encountered with the implants.

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If you’re one who is wondering where you can get a perfect dental crown for the restoration of your oral health, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Edge Dental Houston, we carry out full mouth dental implant surgery in a comfortable and luxurious environment so you can receive the best dental care from our knowledgeable and dedicated cosmetic dentists.

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