In recent years the progress of technical operating practices and the constant improvement of the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of the reconstruction materials allowed the dentist to focus his own attention on the permanent search for the aesthetic aspect of the restoration of the teeth. Keeping that in mind, you can say that restorations with composite fillings are simple treatments that greatly improve the aesthetics of the smile. This is one of the most effective treatments that exist to repair parts damaged by decay or various problems in the teeth. If you want to know what is a composite dental filling and what it is for, just keep reading this post.

What Is A Teeth Filling?

Dental fillings are esthetic restorations of the teeth, which can be used in damaged or decayed teeth in which the material used is precisely the resin. This filling is similar to the color of the tooth, so the result is a cosmetic and pleasant restoration. Dental resins are used as an aesthetic alternative to common amalgams and can also be used to correct cracks and fissures.

What Is A Composite Filling?

The composite fillings are synthetic materials mixed heterogeneously forming a compound that in Dentistry is used to repair teeth damaged by caries or trauma, mainly, but also for purely aesthetic treatments. Dental filling is one of the materials that allows aesthetic restorations to correct these dental defects.  By placing a filling of the color of the damaged tooth, the dentist can repair it and you can show a natural smile again.

Advantages of Composite Dental Fillings

  • By having the same color as the tooth, dental aesthetics are respected and the natural appearance is maintained.
  • It adheres perfectly to the surface of the tooth.
  • They can be placed on both front teeth and molars.
  • Their use makes you avoid metals in the teeth, like mercury.
  • It is easy and practical to use.

When Can You Use a Composite Dental Filling?

The resin can be used in the following situations:

  • To fill cavities caused by decay, replacing the old metal amalgams.
  • To improve the color of discolored teeth.
  • Correct cracks in the tooth.
  • Modify the shape or size of the tooth.

How Long do Fillings Last?

It lasts approximately 5 to 7 years depending on the care and eating habits of the person.  The daily wear of the teeth can cause the resins to break, change color or wear out if you have the bad habit of grinding your teeth excessively (bruxism).

Dental Filling Cost

According to NerdWallet, the cost of the dental filling will vary depending of the material used and the location of the tooth:

  • Amalgam (silver): $160
  • Resin Composite (white), front tooth: $186
  • Resin Composite (white), back tooth: $201
  • Gold crown, back tooth: $1300

FAQs About Composite Dental Fillings

What is the Difference Between Root Canal and Teeth Filling?

The major difference we find between the two concepts is that in the case of filling we will solve a small dental cavity while endodontics is a technique that is practiced with the aim of reconstructing a tooth that has a caries that affects the nerve of the tooth.

What is the Best Material For Filling a Tooth Cavity?

Resin is the best material aesthetically speaking, as it can be of the same colour of your teeth. The amalgam and gold may be more durable, but they are not good aesthetically speaking.

Are Dental Fillings Dangerous?

Resin composite fillings are not dangerous, but, amalgam fillings represent a high risk of toxicity because of the mercury they have.

How Much is an Average Dental Filling?

The average costs of a dental filling will depend of the location of the tooth to be fixed and the material of the filling. For a resin composite filling which is the best option, the average is of $186 for a front tooth and $201 for a back tooth. For an amalgam filling $160 (always remember that the mercury inside the amalgam represent a danger to your health), and for a gold filling the average cost is $1300.

What Are the Advantage of Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings offer a wide variety of advantages. On the one hand, it achieves a natural aesthetic very similar to the tooth and is a more biocompatible material, in comparison to the old fillings made with amalgam, which could eventually darken the tooth and represent a health risk due to the mercury that they have. On the other hand, resin composite filling is a material with good resistance against the high forces of chewing and has great durability.

What Are Some Costs For a Composite Tooth Filling?

The average costs for a composite tooth filling vary according to the location of the tooth. For front teeth the cost is around $186 and for back teeth around $201.

Can a Composite be Used Instead of a Crown For Teeth?

No, composite fillings are used to repair simple cases of cavities, where the tooth has not been severely damaged, and crowns are mostly used after a root canal treatment, where the tooth has been severely damaged and a simple filling won’t help the aesthetic of the tooth. A crown is like a cap that is put over the very damaged tooth after a root canal treatment.

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One of the most effective treatments that exist to repair parts damaged by cavities or various problems in the teeth, are the composite dental fillings. This is one of the best restorations that exist in the market, since it allows to repair teeth damaged by cracks or cavities, without affecting the aesthetics of your smile. It has several advantages, such as aesthetics, they adhere perfectly to the surface of the tooth, they maintain a natural appearance, they are biocompatible (so forget about the dangers of mercury), they are practically imperceptible and can be placed on the front teeth. It is recommended the placement of composite dental fillings when you have any of the following problems: Cavities, discoloration of the tooth, small cracks, as an aesthetic and healthier alternative for an amalgam. Amalgams offer the same results as dental resins, however, they neglect the aesthetics of the patient since they are silver, this makes them more visible and can not be applied in areas that are exposed to the eye, and most importantly, amalgams have mercury which a te end of the day is toxic for the patient. The average cost of a composite dental filling varies according to the location of the teeth. The cost for a front tooth is $186 and a back tooth $201. At Edge Dental you can have the best fillings, and the procedures are performed by some of the best dentists in the country.