Dental cleaning itself is very much an established dental treatment plan. Its technical term is known as teeth scaling and planning and it has been a standard procedure for dentists.

You can get the best dental deep cleaning and maintain sound oral hygiene at Edge Dental Houston. Here, our dentists carry out this dental cleaning by scraping away plaque and tartar on the surface of the enamel up, under the gums; not just the regular gum line cleaning. The cleaning also gets to the root of the teeth to smooth the softer cementum on the surface; this will prevent plaque and tartar from forming in uneven spaces. For every quadrant of your mouth, the whole process takes about 45 minutes. Depending on the gravity of the afflicted quadrant, it may take multiple sessions to complete one quadrant.

If, for any reason, you find that a little uncomfortable and unpleasant, maybe it’s because it is. We give our patients a local anesthetic, which will numb the sensation of the dental tools penetrating under the gums.

Is Root Planing Necessary?

Although it is quite distressing to spend about an hour undergoing teeth scaling and planing, it is the surest way to prevent gum disease. The early stages are known as gingivitis; periods when bacteria living in the plaque along your gums release toxins. The toxins the bacteria release trigger an immune response that leads to inflammation. This makes your gums turn red and become puffy so that they bleed easily. If you don’t clean the debris out of your teeth regularly, the collar will get stretched out further and further, and the debris will go even deeper.

By the scraping off the plaque by our dental hygienists during your regular cleaning and your self-disciplined brushing and flossing, gingivitis is usually cleared up. Otherwise, the case might just go from gingivitis to periodontitis.

Periodontitis refers to a case where the gums have become very severe that the over-aggressive immune response is affecting bone and tissue in your mouth as a result of inflammation in your gums. This results in bone loss that is clear from the gaps that form along your gums, which in turn loosens the teeth. If this is not treated, your teeth might end up being pulled.

At that time, teeth scaling and planing will have to halt. Once the teeth cleaning is done successfully, and the plaque and tartar are cleaned out, the gums will begin to heal themselves; reforming the initial tight seal around the teeth will take effect within six to eight months.

Emergency Dentist Appointment Prices

Dental cleaning costs is a crucial topic that should be talked about. Is it that they are too expensive and is the cost, driving patients to see their GP rather than their dentist? Or even worse, is the cost (probably the supposed cost) making patients consider avoiding treatment completely?

There is certain evidence that can be traced to why patients visit their GPs rather than their dentist. Moreover, government funding could take over the NHS charges as the main source of income for NHS dentistry.

At Edge Dental Houston, there are no hidden surprises with the dental cleaning cost. We provide a quotation for any dental work needing to be carried out to every patient. These quotations have a detailed explanation of the teeth cleaning cost over the time of the process.

At Edge Dental Houston, we can get the most urgent treatment done for you in one appointment. If you need urgent quality dental care, book your appointment with us today.

At the end of your urgent course of treatment, you may be instructed to book another appointment for a different non-urgent treatment. This is the case where the relevant Band charge will apply.

FAQs about Dental Cleaning Near Me

Should we go for Teeth Cleaning?

Actually, yes. This is because if you don’t remove plaque regularly enough, it can result in what is referred to as tartar or calculus, which can result in gum disease. Avoiding plaque turning into tartar is something you really want to do, which brings about the need for dental appointments. You should also keep in mind that skilled brushing and flossing alone can’t remove tartar.

How often should I visit the Dentist near me to have my Teeth Cleaned?

If your oral hygiene habits are good, plus you have a healthy mouth, you could be advised by your dentist or dental hygienist to undergo teeth cleaning at least twice a year.

How much does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

At Edge Dental Houston, we provide quality dental care to all of our patients. Contact us today and ask about our teeth cleaning prices.

Where can I find Reliable Dentists for my Dental Treatment?

You can get quality dental care from dedicated and knowledgeable dentists at Edge Dental Houston. We also provide a comfortable and luxurious environment for you to have the best dental care experience.

Is Teeth Cleaning and Periodontal Treatment Painful?

When carrying out the teeth scaling process, your dental hygienist will have the teeth root and gums numb with local anesthesia, although teeth scaling and root planing can cause little discomfort. When the scaling and planing are done, your gums will be numb from the anesthesia.

Why does it take more One Sitting for a Dental Cleaning?

Usually, the more the plaque buildup, the longer it takes to remove the plaque completely.

Dentist In Houston Near Me

If you’re one who is wondering where you can get an affordable dental deep cleaning cost for the restoration of your oral health, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Edge Dental Houston, we carry out efficient dental services, such as teeth cleaning, oral hygiene maintenance and much more, in a comfortable and luxurious environment so you can receive the best quality dental care from our knowledgeable and dedicated cosmetic dentists.

You always find us wherever you’re located and get your appointment registered online. Visit for more information.