Porcelain veneers are a method of dental aesthetics that adheres to a piece of this material on the tooth to recompose it or give it a new shape. They serve to restore the functionality and brilliance of the pieces. They can also act on injuries or fractures. Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers have a very positive effect on patients. They not only help them recover their chewing functions; They also give them extra self-esteem. Looking in the mirror every day and checking that there is an ideal smile is fantastic to continue the day with energy. Hence, one can speak not only of its consequences in the field of health but in addition to that, in the spectrum of the social.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are a thin sheet that adheres to the outside of the tooth, hiding possible stains, filling interdental spaces and restoring damaged teeth. There are two types of dental veneers, depending on the material in which they are built:

Composite dental veneers

They are made with a synthetic resin similar to that used for restorations, indistinguishable to the naked eye of a natural tooth. This material allows the veneer to be modeled in layers simulating tooth enamel and dentin, giving it great naturalness. 

Porcelain dental veneers

They are made with ceramic. Through the use of highly esthetic porcelain, the naturalness of the tooth is recovered, returning the desired shape, color and size.

10 Advantages Of Dental Veneers

  • It Corrects defects. Veneers can be used to remove tooth stains, for interdental spaces, to enlarge a small tooth and to unify shapes or to fix eroded or fractured teeth.
  • It’s a quick treatment: In a few sessions, you get benefits. Composite veneers can be placed in one session and porcelain veneers in 2 or 3.
  • Natural appearance: The variety of colors offered by the materials of which the veneers are made allow them to achieve a color almost identical to the original teeth.
  • They are durable: Veneers can remain attached to the tooth for a long time if you take care good care of your teeth and if there are no changes in the bite stability. Approximately 20 years of porcelain and between 5 and 7 of the composite.
  • They can be removed or restored: If dental veneers are damaged or eroded, they can be restored (composite) or removed and new ones can be placed (porcelain).
  • The teeth are not damaged: Veneers are glued to the teeth using a resin that does not damage the enamel. In the case of porcelain veneers, advances allow only the enamel layer to wear the veneers minimally.
  • They don’t hurt: Placing a dental veneer is not a painful treatment. In some cases, it may cause a little discomfort, in which case local anesthesia will be administered to make the process calmer.
  • Prices for all budgets: In the market, there is a wide variety of prices, the composite veneers are cheaper and with excellent results, the porcelain ones have a slightly higher cost (also their duration is greater).
  • They improve self-esteem: Correcting dental defects allows us to smile or talk without feeling uncomfortable. We transmit tranquility and confidence.
  • We get a 10 points’ smile: Dental veneers are an aesthetic treatment that improves our smile noticeably.

Cosmetic Dentistry Prices

Cosmetic dentistry prices will depend on the material used:

  • Porcelain veneers cost is in the range between $800 to $2500 per tooth. As with every treatment, this will vary in the number of veneers that you will require, the number of visits to your dentist near me and the amount of work put in it.
  • Dental Implants prices are around $1100 and $4000 per tooth.
  • The cost of teeth whitening varies from $ 550 to $ 1200 or more. This will depend on the number of visits that you do to your dentist, the application and all of the material that you will be sent home with.
  • Dental Bridge prices are around $500 to $1200 per tooth.


FAQs About Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

The smile says a lot about a person. It expresses feelings, tells us about how people take care of themselves and even gives us clues about their health. Offering an attractive smile is much more than just a matter of aesthetics. It can convey confidence or warmth, improve self-esteem and, of course, seduce. But also, smiling has many benefits.

  • It helps improve mood.
  • Increases defenses.
  • Reduces stress levels.
  • It is a magnificent natural analgesic.
  • Prevents premature aging.
  • It lowers blood pressure levels.

Which clinic is best for cosmetic dentistry?

Edge Dental Houston is definitely one of the best dental clinics in the country, they have an exceptional team of dentists that are specialized in cosmetic dentistry and also offer a wide variety of treatments and prices. 

Where do I get the best cosmetic dentistry services?

At Edge Dental you will be able to have some of the best cosmetic dentistry services in the country.

What is the difference between veneers and dental implants?

Dental implants and dental veneers are intended to improve dental aesthetics, but they are not the same. What does it consist of? There are significant differences between each dental technique. Dental implantology is performed when the patient needs to restore the loss of a tooth after tooth decay, fracture or periodontal disease. Therefore, the function of the dental implant is not only aesthetic, but it also serves to restore the total functionality to the teeth. In this technique, the dentist places an artificial titanium root in the bone so that it is integrated into it and then put the definitive prosthesis. For their part, dental veneers are used only when there are aesthetic problems such as stains. In this case, the places of an emergency dentist has a veneer on the front of the tooth that mimics the patient’s natural enamel. Dentists recommend using porcelain veneers because their aesthetics are much more natural than composite ones.

Dental Veneers Near Me

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Dental veneers are usually the most used tool in aesthetic dental treatments, ​​porcelain veneers being the most requested procedure. With cosmetic porcelain veneers, the patient can modify the shape, color, size and/or position of their teeth. The dental treatment with porcelain veneers is aimed at those patients who want to have a perfect smile, always within the framework of very natural teeth. They are treated with a growing prognosis of success. Thanks to advances in adhesion techniques in dentistry, the installation of porcelain veneers is increasingly safe and at the same time, the preparation necessary to achieve highly aesthetic results is getting smaller. If you want a more balanced, brighter smile, or just a different smile, porcelain veneers are probably the ideal solution for you. At Edge Dental you will find some of the best dentists in the country and you will be able to get those Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers to have a beautiful smile.