You can plan for a new smile with various tooth replacement procedures. Your dentist can help you find the best one for you. Follow up with your dentist after a tooth loss to make sure you heal properly before considering dental implants. Your specialist also needs to check your bone density to make sure your jaw can support an implant. Dentists can help you recover from a single tooth loss, or replace an entire set of teeth with implants. To find the best dental implants, consider the credentials and experience of experts in your area. 

Finding the Best Dental Implants

Look for dental implants in your area by talking to your insurance company or looking online. You can learn a lot about a dentist from reading through their website and checking online reviews. You can also check with your dental insurance to make sure a new dentist works with your plan. Many times, patients also get referrals for the best dental implants from friends or family. A specialist at Edge Dental can help you with a successful treatment plan. 

Determining your Dental Implant Options

You must find the right dental implant options for your situation. If you need one dental implant you must have x-rays of your jaw bone to determine if you are a good candidate. Some patients need a bone graft before they begin the implant process. If you need several teeth replaced, all-on-four implants work well. This allows you to only have 4 posts placed in the jaw, however, you get an entire set of new teeth. Sometimes surgeons leave the implant accessible, while other times it remains under the gumline until you need the prosthetic placed. Schedule a consultation with a specialist to decide on the details of your specific treatment plan.    

    What are my tooth replacement options with dental implants?

While most implant procedures remain similar. Small details may change, depending on your oral health and preferences. Some variations include bone grafts and a second surgery to access the implant.

Full Teeth Implants

You can enjoy a complete smile restoration with full teeth implants. Take the time to let your mouth heal after tooth loss. Your dentist can inform you when you can begin treatment with the best dental implants near me. Patients that lose all their teeth may have underlying dental issues to remedy before working with a dental implant dentist. Severe decay, infection, or gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Work closely with your dentist to restore your oral health before starting with dental implants. You may also need a temporary solution so you can look professional at work or maintain your smile for personal reasons. Dentures often help patients feel more comfortable as they wait for full teeth implants. A dental center in Memorial City can help you start the journey to your new smile. 

Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist Near Me

Choosing a dental specialist may require a bit of research. Think about the qualities you need in a dental office. You can look online or call dentists in your area to find one that offers dental implant services. You may also need to think about the location of the office. Dental implant treatment involves several visits to the doctor. An office close to your job or home can help make appointments more convenient. You may also need to find a dentist that works with your dental insurance. Finances can also become a problem if you must self-pay for your dental implant tooth. Look for a doctor that offers self-pay discounts and payment plans to make the experience less stressful. 

    Are dental implants noticeable?

Many patients choose dental implants because they look like natural teeth. You may notice a small color or texture difference. Visit your dentist for regular cleanings and exams to keep your remaining natural teeth looking their best to match your implant. 

    Are dental implants safe?

All surgical procedures come with benefits and risks. Implant placement requires the use of general anesthesia, in most cases. Your surgeon can help you understand how anesthesia work. Doctors also look for risk factors or health issues that may make anesthesia unsafe for some people. 

Benefits of a Dental Implant Front Tooth

When patients lose a front tooth, they may feel self-conscious about their smile. Even one missing tooth can cause problems with eating and speech, as well. The benefits of dental implants involve improved appearance and increased comfort. Front teeth show as soon as you talk or smile. A natural-looking front tooth implant can restore confidence when talking to other people or taking pictures, for example. Meet with a specialist at Edge Dental to get started on a front tooth replacement. 

Dental Implant Molar

Even with the molar at the back of your mouth, you may still notice the negative effects of a missing tooth. A molar does not cause much of an aesthetic issue but can cause a lot of difficulty eating. Food may hit your gums and cause pain, for example. Your other teeth may also move if the gap stays too long. To limit ongoing dental and orthodontic problems, consider a dental implant to replace your lost molar. 


Take time to find the best dental implants in your area. You can find a qualified specialist by looking online or talking to your insurance company. Many people also use referrals from friends or family. After a tooth loss, follow up with your dentist to find out when the healing finishes. Once you heal properly, you can meet with a dental implant specialist. Make an appointment with Edge Dental to reinstate your smile with dental implants.