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How Being Sedated Makes Dental Procedures Easier

Posted on 12/20/2017 by Dr. Justin Lai
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If you have visited a dental clinic, you know how unnerving it can be sitting in the dental chair. Young children and people with odontophobia would find every reason to escape visiting the dentist and it can be hard to make them stay still when having their teeth worked out.

If you are going to undergo a dental procedure that requires longer operating times, there are ways to deal with the procedure. Having yourself sedated will ensure that everything will be done more effectively and quickly.

Sedation Helps You Relax in the Dental Chair

There are several ways your dentist can administer sedation.

•  Minimal sedation keeps you awake but relaxed in the dental chair.
•  Conscious sedation makes you slur your words and keeps you asleep, so you may not remember the whole procedure.
•  Deep sedation may keep you aware the entire time.
•  General anesthesia may keep you totally unconscious.

Any of these can be performed during your dental procedure to keep you calm and relaxed in the dental chair.

Makes Complex Dental Procedures Uncomplicated

If you are undergoing a restorative dental procedure, it would require a lot of time. Being sedated would make things much easier on both your part and the dentist. They are able to perform tasks much easier while you are just there on the dental chair laying back and relaxed.

This process lessens discomfort and several procedures can be done in less time and with fewer appointments. Squeamish patients can also find it easier to have themselves sedated especially when drastic works need to be performed.

Avoiding dental procedures is not something you can dwell on. It is important to remember that oral health is part of maintaining good physical wellness. If you are reluctant, frightened, or uncomfortable, talking with your dentist can help you get more options.

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